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In these days, which are full of incredible “hassles,” everyone needs a regular time alone from others to go to a quiet place and pray. Scripture records many instances of Jesus taking time alone with His Father to refresh Himself and know God’s will for His life:

“… He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray….” (Matthew 14:23).

Luke, describing this habit of Jesus, records: “He went out to the Mount of Olives, as He was accustomed … and He knelt down and prayed….” (Luke 22:39-41).

Jesus would often send the multitudes away: “… and He departed to the mountain to pray …” (Mark 6:46).

There was a Divine necessity in the life of Jesus to get alone in a solitary place and pray. The press of the multitudes and even the demands on Him to teach and instruct the disciples daily put a strain on Jesus. Therefore, for several reasons He would send both the people and the disciples away while He went up on a mountain to pray (see Mark 6:44-46).

First, He needed to be alone and undistracted while spending time with His Heavenly Father. The will of God was too important to Jesus for Him to be turned aside from it for any reason.

Second, He needed quiet, rest and solitude for His own renewal and focus. People are often very demanding with their needs. One must “take in” to effectively and constantly “give out”.

Third, to take time away from the demands of the people would enable Him to keep His larger perspective and purpose clear. This is clearly seen early in His ministry. After a full, tiring and successful day full of teaching, preaching and healing, the Scripture usually records that early the next morning “… He went out and departed to a solitary place; and there He prayed….” (Mark 1:35) The disciples then found Him and said, “Everyone is looking for you!” This was to be expected from transformed lives! But Jesus by now had been renewed and refocused from His time with the Father. He replied, “let us go into the next towns that I may preach there also, because for this purpose I have come forth!”

Every believer MUST take regular moments away from all others in a solitary place and pray. We must pray for the same reasons that Jesus had to. This is especially crucial as we face many hassles in our workplace. There are directions being given, people sharing their needs and giving suggestions, pressures of decisions and deadlines -– all demanding our attention. Each of us MUST get alone and away from people to pray.

Are you taking time alone with the Lord in prayer? If not, you need to make a crucial adjustment in your life.

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