In 1990, Henry Blackaby published Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God. The Bible study has sold millions of copies and introduced people around the world to the life-changing reality that God is always at work around us and invites us to join him in His activity. This sensitivity to God’s activity has led Blackaby Ministries to join God’s work in churches, the marketplace, leadership and coach training, military chaplaincy, and many other avenues. Blackaby Ministries now senses God’s invitation to join His activity in a new and exciting way.

Where We Recognize God at Work

Young adults are leaving the Church at an alarming rate. As high as two-thirds (66%) of American teenagers drop out of church following high school graduation. Today’s young adults express a dissatisfaction with the church, a growing disconnect between their faith and their everyday life, and a struggle to answer difficult objections against Christianity. Despite these troubling statistics, God is actively at work in the lives of the younger generation and Blackaby Ministries is stepping out to join in this exciting activity.

How We Are Joining His Activity

Website ( will equip young adults to navigate important cultural and worldview questions in the midst of their increasingly digital and media-driven lives. The website will feature weekly thought-provoking articles, reviews on current influential movies/music/books, and commentary on hot-button cultural issues.

The website will also be a helpful tool to assist older generations to cross the generational divide and better understand the unique world of today’s youth and how to better guide them through this formative period of their lives.

YouTube Channel

YouTube is a staple for many young people today. Over 5 billion videos are viewed every day and over 30 million people are active daily users. The video platform is particularly important to Millennials, with 2:1 expressing that they now prefer YouTube over traditional television.

The Collision YouTube channel will leverage this powerful platform to create content in a form that is already a part of many young adult’s daily routine. Weekly videos will cover a variety of topics, including apologetic/worldview and topical Pop-Culture issues. This platform will enable Blackaby Ministries to reach larger audiences than ever before and to better connect with and minster to the younger generations.

Visit the channel here and make sure to hit subscribe.

The Weekly Collision Podcast

Podcasting is a rapidly growing media platform. Statistics reveal that 44% of the US population has listened to a podcast and 17% (48 million) are weekly listeners. In 2017, Blackaby Ministries International launched the Richard Blackaby Leadership Podcast and have heard many stories about how God has impacted lives through this new ministry.

The Weekly Collision Podcast, hosted by Dr. Daniel Blackaby, will tackle topically relevant questions and issues related to culture, worldview, and the creative arts. The podcast will equip both younger and older generations to better understand, navigate, and engage with today’s media-driven culture.

How You Can Help

In order to pursue this new endeavor, God has called Blackaby Ministries International to step out in faith financially to add staff specifically assigned to The Collision emphasis and invest in a new studio space including the audio/visual equipment required to achieve and maintain the standard of excellence and quality that is necessary. If you feel God is leading you to join us in this mission, you can donate below or contact our Vice-President, Rick Fisher, at or 864.380.1089. Your partnership in prayer and financial support is a blessing to us and is greatly appreciated!

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When Worlds Collide

When Worlds Collide: Stepping Up and Standing Out in an Anti-God Culture 

The media-driven world places enormous pressure on people to conform to its secular point of view—and young people are especially susceptible to this ploy. Writing to a student audience, authors Mike and Daniel Blackaby (the grandsons of Experiencing God author Henry Blackaby) explain how Christians typically respond to this pressure in one of three ways, assigning names for each group: “Cave-Ins” are Christians who accept the world’s values and compromise their faith or abandon it altogether. “Cave-Dwellers” are believers who fear the world and seek to insulate themselves from it and its influence as much as possible. “Colliders” are the Christians who remain true to their faith yet effectively engage the world and are used by God to change peoples’ lives. When Worlds Collide is the Blackabys’ case for becoming a Collider. In chapters packed with story-based devotional thoughts, plenty of humor, and easy steps for application, they prove it’s possible to live an authentic Christian life that meets the world head-on without spiritual compromise.

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