Dr. Richard Blackaby
Richard speaks internationally on the Christian life, spiritual leadership, and revival. He mentors leaders through the Spiritual Leadership Network, and he works with Christian CEOs of major companies in the United States.
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Dr. Tom Blackaby
Tom is the lead pastor of Brookswood Baptist Church in Langley, BC, Canada, and he speaks internationally on discipleship, spiritual leadership, and family ministry. He and his wife, Kim, often speak together on "The Family God Uses."
Rick Fisher
Rick speaks on spiritual leadership, revival, spiritual awakening, leadership development, prayer and prayer ministry, developing a mission-focused congregation, and other ministry-related topics.
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Dr. Mike Blackaby
Mike is Henry Blackaby's oldest grandson. He currently serves as a church planter in Victoria, BC, Canada, where he lives with his wife, Sarah, and their two sons. He holds a Ph.D. in apologetics from Southern Seminary. He has co-authored two books for young adults: "When Worlds Collide: Stepping up and Standing Out in an anti-God Culture" and "Seven Steps to Knowing, Doing and Experiencing the Will of God." Mike speaks on apologetics, experiencing God, and reaching the next generation for Christ.
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Dr. Daniel Blackaby
Daniel is Henry Blackaby's grandson and the author/co-author of nine books for young adults, including 7 Steps for Knowing, Doing, and Experiencing the Will of God, and When Worlds Collide: Stepping Up and Standing Out in an Anti-God Culture, as well as the imaginative fiction trilogy The Lost City Chronicles. Daniel holds a Ph.D in “Christianity and the Arts” and a Th.M in “Philosophy, Apologetics & Worldview” from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Daniel speaks on cultural engagement, Christianity and the arts, apologetics, and reaching the next generation for Christ.
Kim Blackaby
Kim Blackaby is married to Dr. Tom Blackaby. She is an author, speaker, and the mother of three great kids. She has served as a pastor’s wife, keynote speaker, and ministry leader for many years in several churches. Kim is available to speak at women’s conferences, retreats, and special events on a variety of subjects, including women’s ministry, discipleship, spiritual leadership, and growing in intimacy with God.
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Carrie Blackaby Webb
Carrie is the daughter of Henry and Marilynn Blackaby. She served as a career missionary to Germany for 17 years, and she has co-authored several books. She is available to speak at events about women's ministry, missions, and experiencing God.
Dr. Wendell Webb
Wendell served as a career missionary to Germany for 17 years. He has taught graduate level classes in mission strategy and conducted many different training groups in a self-developed course in spiritual leadership and discipleship. He holds a Doctorate of Ministry in spiritual leadership from Gateway Seminary. Wendell is available to speak on various topics, including spiritual leadership, discipleship training, small group leadership, the art of conversation, and missions in a post-Christian world.
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Bob Payne
Bob is the Director of Experiencing God Weekends for Blackaby Ministries International. He has served under the personal mentorship and teaching of Dr. Henry Blackaby for twenty years. He has served in more than 250 churches in the US, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, the Middle East, Nigeria, and Sudan.
Dr. Bob Royall
Bob has invested his life in coaching and mentoring Christian leaders in a variety of contexts, including as a collegiate minister, seminary professor, professional coach, and pastor. He is member of the International Coach Federation and the Georgia Coaches Association.
Carrie Blackaby Camp
Carrie is an Executive Ministry Assistant at BMI. She is the daughter of Richard Blackaby and the oldest granddaughter of Henry Blackaby. She holds a BA in English, an MFA in Nonfiction Writing, and a MTS degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She is an avid reader of nerdy literature, loves to travel, and is hopelessly addicted to Downton Abbey. She writes for nextgenerationbmi.org and is the coauthor of Customized Parenting in a Trending World with her father. She and her husband, Sam, live in the Atlanta area.