In this episode, Richard answers a listener’s questions about toxic leadership.

In this episode, Richard talks with Will Graham, grandson of Billy Graham and Vice President of The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. 

In this episode, Richard share various thoughts and insights on leadership. 

In this episode, Richard takes a look at the life and legacy of Augustus, considered the first emperor of Rome, and applies lessons learned for leaders today. 

In this episode, Richard sits down for a conversation on faith and creativity with Dr. Marcus Buckley, fiction writer and lead pastor in Ormond Beach, FL.  

Much of who we are today is a result of the encounters we have had with people along the way. In this episode, Richard and Sam discuss the important role relationships play in a leader’s life.

The people God has used throughout history have been those who have known him the most intimately. The better you understand how awesome and powerful God is, the greater impact it will have on your leadership. In this episode, Richard and Sam discuss the life and leadership of Moses.

Some people seem to cause trouble wherever they go. No matter how good things are, they always find a way to stir up discontentment and negativity. In this episode, Richard and Sam discuss worthless men.

Even if you aren’t where you want to be yet, God has a purpose for you where you are now. One of the most quoted Bible verses in the Old Testament is Jeremiah 29:11. But it is important to look at that passage within its proper context. In this episode, Richard and Sam discuss Jeremiah 29 and its implications for leaders.

In this episode, Richard talks with his friend and literary agent, Robert Wolgemuth, about his new book, “Gun Lap.” Robert shares insights about running the last chapter of your life with purpose.

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