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The February mountain top experience known as the Kingdom Advisors Annual Conference just finished in Atlanta and this year’s version was no exception. Present at the conference were outstanding speakers; advisors with incredible testimonies; and investment professionals who offer services geared to anyone with faith based objectives. Among the great speakers were Ron Blue; Bob Shank; Anne Graham Lotz; Al Weiss; Richard Blackaby; Patrick Morley; Bob Doll; Ken Boa; and Bob Coy. So why did I zero in on the preachers’ kids for today’s MMM?

I kept thinking about how it must have been growing up being Billy Graham’s daughter or Henry Blackaby’s son! Despite all of the unreasonable expectations that must have been layered on both of them, they have carved out a ministry that reflects how God has brought them thru life. Anne reminded us that if we wish to raise up God to the world we first must get down on our knees ourselves! She tried to impress us with the truth that every situation God brings to our lives is an attempt to teach us something about His character. Richard was able to communicate that our lives are the sum of all of our decisions. “You cannot give to others what you do not have yourself. God wants us to take the higher ground but it will never happen if we don’t take the next step to find such higher ground.”

It was so great to see and hear from both Anne and Richard in this setting as I was able to appreciate each of them for their ministry. Their heritage may get them some recognition, but their work was not compared to their famous fathers. Just as I know that my son is the best financial advisor our family has ever produced, I would guess that both Billy Graham and Henry Blackaby believe the best teachers in their families are their own children. I highly recommend recent books from each of them: Unlimiting God, by Richard Blackaby and The Magnificent Obsession: Embracing the God-Filled Life, by Anne Graham Lotz.

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