For whom the LORD loves He chastens, And scourges every son whom He receives.      Hebrews 12:6

There is a tendency among Christians to view anything unpleasant that happens to them as the result of “spiritual warfare.”  When a difficulty arises, many immediately ask God to remove their distress. The problem is that their predicament may have nothing to do with Satan or with spiritual warfare. It may appear far more glorious for us to explain our hardships as Satan’s determined attacks against us, rather than admitting that we are merely reaping what we have sown and are being disciplined by our heavenly Father (Gal. 6:7).

What is often mistaken as Satan’s attack may actually be chastisement from our loving Father. If you have neglected your role as spiritual teacher to your children, God may allow them to fall into sin. If you have been dishonest at work, God may correct you by letting you face the consequences. It would be foolish to pray that God would ease your discomfort. God is disciplining you in order to gain your attention and bring necessary change to your life. How tragic never to make the connection between your problems and God’s discipline. God’s discipline will not help you if you dismiss it as Satan’s doing or spiritual warfare. Not every hardship you face is the chastisement of God, but Scripture indicates that God will discipline you.

If you misunderstand God’s chastening, you may actually blame Him for not answering your prayers or failing to protect you from Satan. Meanwhile, God is warning you of the danger you face because of your sin. Are there difficult circumstances in your life? Could it be the discipline of God? God, whose nature is perfect love, will correct you because He has your ultimate good in His heart.

  1. May 28

    As Christians we receive either praise or chastisement from our Father God. I have come to appreciate both…
    Chastisement helps me keep my feet firmly planted on Holy Ground in Jesus’s Presence… Praise tells me that Jesus is pleased that I am grounded where He has planted me.

  2. July 7

    Tell the Truth…shame the devil…for
    “An Imperishable Crown“….we all have a lot more assignments to complete…I know I do.
    His Grace is Sufficient thank you Jesus for Your long suffering with me…Amen🙏🏾

  3. January 14

    Thank you Lord for disciplining us, so that we may turn from our sin and learn from you. As we discipline our children to protect them and teach them right from wrong, so God disciplines us so we may grow into the person he created us to be.

  4. January 14

    The Daily Devotion is not being received in the app.

  5. January 14

    It takes more love to discipline others than to let them continue in their ways.

    The pain of healthy correction is worth it. Healthy shame is needed today. Truth with love.

  6. January 22

    Thanks for this.

    But we’re failing in today’s Christian society to let us agree that the Father Discipline’s the child he loves.

  7. January 14


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