Henry Blackaby update: As of 12:30 Henry is still missing. Believed in the Atlanta area. Is Type 2 diabetic. No insulin. Please pray.

Those praying for Henry Blackaby. His credit card has been used within 6 miles of his home. Missing for 19 hours. Police continue to search

  1. September 20

    Praying with all our hearts for him to be found unharmed and safe.

  2. September 20

    Praying that he will be found unharmed and safe.

  3. September 20

    Our Bible study group here in Cypress, Texas, currently studying the revised edition of Experiencing God, just learned of this news. Our prayers are that Mr. Blackaby be found safe, unharmed, and returns home soon!

    We await good news soon!
    May you feel God’s peace and strength at this time.
    In Christ,
    Mary Squyres

  4. September 20

    Praying in earnest for Mr. Blackaby and his family

  5. September 20

    Praying for Henry and his entire family!

  6. September 20

    Praying for Henry & family. So sad at this news. He has been a blessing to so many.

  7. September 20

    Praying for all the family and remembering the
    special times my husband and I had at the seminars
    and retreats. Love. Gloria Bray (Lake Charles,La.)

  8. September 20

    Love and prayers.

  9. September 20

    My heartfelt prayers go up for Mr. Blackaby and his family.

  10. September 20

    Praying he will be found safe. Our Father knows where he is. Be of good courage.

  11. September 20

    Jehovah Jireh, I call on you as the omnipresent God and Provider of Pastor Henry and ask that you will be the nutritional supplies he needs; the sustainer of his life and comfort him in the midst of this storm.
    Remind him that you are with him;!in his heart, mind, spirit and soul. Help him home to his love ones on earth.
    Be Jehovah Rophe, Christ The Physician to him. HEAL him Dear Lord. Raise him up and direct his footsteps. Life and not death, I pray for my brother. Hear my cry O Lord. Attend to his every need.
    In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray, believe and expect to receive the report of the Lord. Amen.

  12. September 20

    Praying for Pastor Blackaby and his safe return.

    Anna Seigler
    Augusta, GA

  13. September 20

    Praying for Henry!

  14. September 20

    We apply the blood of Christ to your circumstances my brother. Faithful son of the Most High God

  15. September 20

    I am in prayer. May the Lord Jesus lead someone to find Henry and bring him back to his family safe and sound. I pray that the Holy Spirit give Henry grace and prevent any negative effects from his lack of insulin.

  16. September 20

    Praying for Dr. Blackaby, this great man of God and servant of Jesus Christ. I know, where ever he is, he is in God’s hands. I pray for his safe return to family and ministry.

  17. September 20

    He is the Lord’s annointed and he is
    Under His Wings and no matter what may GOD is able to make all Grace Abound to this dear man of GOD. Amen

  18. September 20

    Terry and I are praying that Henry be found unharmed and be returned safely to his loving family. May God uphold you and grant you all his perfect peace.

  19. September 20

    We have shared with our 200,000 fan base:

    PLEASE keep us updated!
    <3 Jo Ann Darby
    The Girlfriend Life

  20. September 20

    Standing in prayer with everyone.

  21. September 20

    The churches of the Kansas City Kansas Baptist Association have been notified and many people in our churches are in prayer for the entire Blackaby family at this time. May God surround them all with his everlasting and comforting arms and praying that Henry will be found soon.

  22. September 20


  23. September 20

    I’m praying for the precious Blackaby family.

    • September 20

      Henry and Richard led a conference at our church, Christ Baptist, Raleigh NC, in 2011. All that came to the conference were so uplifted by Henry and Richard. I have requested all of our elders, deacons, and Emergency Prayer Team to Pray. I have also put a prayer request in all areas of our Prayer Ministry where over 50 Intercessors will be praying. What a great man of God.We all will continue to pray.

  24. September 20

    Praying for God to reveal where he is and that he is safe.

  25. September 20

    Our men’s prayer group has lifted Bro. Henry up at our Noon prayer meeting…have also listed on 4 Facebook prayer lists in Mississippi. May God gain Glory in all this!!!

  26. September 20

    Our men’s prayer group lift Bro. Henry up at our Noon prayer meeting…have also listed this on 4 Facebook prayer lists in Mississippi…May God gain Glory in all this!

  27. September 20


    • September 20


  28. September 20


  29. September 20


  30. September 20

    We pray thanking you Heavenly Father that Mr. Henry is not alone, Father you are with Him. We pray you will keep Him safe let your miracle of protection be seen even now as you protect his physical condition i. a miraculous way, and guide someone on this search team to his whereabouts. Lord comfort his wife, children, grandchildren & all of his family as they search & wait for your hand to allow discovery of his whereabouts and we pray dear Lord you do so quickly. Amen & Amen.

  31. September 20


  32. September 20

    Thank you, Lord! Now there will be additional struggles for which we can pray.

  33. September 20

    Facebook from Claude King says Henry has been found safe.
    Is this true? Details?

  34. September 21

    I will be anxious to hear Henry’s discussion about his little adventure alone with God.

  35. September 21

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  36. September 23

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