Please continue to pray for Henry. Doctors say he needs at least 4 bypass surgeries performed on his heart immediately. Surgery may be Sunday. His heart is not in good condition. Appreciate your prayers.

  1. September 21

    So happy that God allowed Henry to be found safe. Hallelujah! I will mention his current needs in Sunday School tomorrow and we will join you in interceding before God together. Grace and peace to you from God our Father.

  2. September 21

    So thankful Henry Blackaby was found. Our church retreat group prayed for him then and I will continue to pray for him now. God taught me so much using this man when he wrote, Experiencing God. Thank you, Mr. Blackaby.

  3. September 21

    Thanks be to God for his safe return. We have been praying and will continue to pray for his health, for wisdom for the doctors, and for the Blackaby family. What a mighty man of God he is!

  4. September 22

    Praying for you Henry. You have been such a blessing to my life over the years, in particular while I was working in the U.S. Your insight, wisdom, and ability to share truth graciously was amazing. I pray for a quick recovery.

  5. September 22

    We are praying for Mr Blackaby and his family. We are praying for God’s grace and mercy to abound. Also for His healing hand upon Mr Blackaby.

  6. September 22

    My SS class will be in prayer this morning.

  7. September 22


    EPHESIANS 3:20

  8. September 22

    Absolutely praying! I pray that God our Father will give great skill and insight to the surgeons and that He will strengthen His servant, Henry, through this time. I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ, by His Holy Spirit, will grant deep peace to the family as they go through this time of trial.

  9. September 22

    He is a man of God! God in His Power, the Creator of the Universe, have healed Henry from within his heart of flesh for His Ministry in the Name and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  10. September 22

    Asking God for his healing & blessings for this mighty man of God & his family. May His will be done & His name be glorified. Thank you Lord for bringing Dr. Blackaby home.
    My entire Sunday school is praying.

  11. September 22

    I want you to know that I’m praying for Mr. Blackaby and his family. Hopefully, the surgery will be uneventful and successful.

  12. September 22

    My life and ministry have been personally enriched by Dr. Blackaby’s ministry. When I heard the news that he was missing Thursday it was as if one of my own family members was missing. I recently had begun studying “The Ways of God” and was in chapter 3, “The Ways of God are Sovereign” when I first learned that Dr. Blackaby was missing. Despite my fears for his safety, I was reminded that God is in control. I am so glad that he was found and he is receiving appropriate care. I will continue praying and keeping my congregation updated.

    Faithfully yours,
    Jeff Gardner, pastor
    FBC St. Elmo, Alabama

  13. September 22

    We will pray for Henry. Pls pray for my parents salvation, Mike and Carol.

  14. September 22

    We are praying for Dr. Blackaby and pray for a successful surgery and rapid recovery. We were honored to have Dr. Blackaby in our home in Rio de Janeiro a number of years ago. A true man of God!
    Margie & Bob Hampton
    IMB Emeritus/ Brasil

  15. September 22

    Hot Springs Baptist Church in Hot Springs, AR is praying for Henry and all your family

  16. September 22

    I am praying! Precious Lord, I ask that you stretch your healing hand out over our beloved Henry as he goes through necessary surgeries to repair his heart. I ask Father God, that you give wisdom to the surgeons who are working on his heart, that the Holy Spirit directs their hands and puts clarity in their eyes. I ask also for angels to line the walls of the hospital and surround Henry’s room and his bed. That your miracles will be clear for all to see that you may be glorified in Henry’s restoration to good health. In the glorious name of Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen

  17. September 22

    I am praying for a successful surgery…for wisdom and guidance for the doctors…and complete healing for Henry. I feel like I know him after being involved twice with Experiencing God…

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