On Thursday September 19, Henry Blackaby drove his car to pick up his wife Marlilynn from an appointment. Henry apparently suffered a heart attack while driving. He became disoriented and unable to find his way back home. He drove for the next 29 hours until finally being found in a small town south of Atlanta. He did not have his cell phone with him nor insulin for his diabetes. As a result, his blood sugar rose and his kidneys began to struggle as well. The family was able to track his movements as he used a credit card to make occasional purchases. The police assigned a detective group to monitor his movements and to track him down. Hundreds of volunteers, many from his church at First Baptist Church Jonesboro, GA drove all over the city looking for him. He is currently in a hospital undergoing extensive tests. He seems to be in good spirits and lucid. We appreciate your prayers. With Henry disoriented, suffering from a heart attack, and driving for 29 hours throughout the night, all over Atlanta, it is clear that GOD HEARD AND ANSWERED THE PRAYERS OF HIS PEOPLE! Thank you to every one who prayed and helped in the search.

The family asks that you make use of this site to learn updates. The family has been receiving many messages and calls and cannot respond to them all. Thank you!

  1. September 21

    So happy to hear Henry was found safe. We will continue to pray for Bro. Henry and his family.

  2. September 21

    Please send me updates

  3. September 21

    Our family is so thankful that he is ok but yet in the hospital getting treated. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE UPDATE. We continue to pray for him and also for the family. Yes! God heard and answered the prayers of His people. Thank you Jesus.

  4. September 21

    Our family and our church family, at Faith in Saskatoon, are so thankful to God for his graciousness. Thanks be to God for His never ending goodness. We’ll continue to pray for Dr. Blackaby’s ongoing health struggles.

  5. September 21

    So thankful to hear Mr. Blackaby was found. Praise to The Lord Almighty

  6. September 21

    Praising God for answered prayer! Love to Henry and his family.

  7. September 21

    We heard (on Moody Radio, Chicago)about Henry and that he was missing. We were praying from here in Wisconsin and joining others at the Throne of Grace. Praising God that for this answer to prayer and continue to pray for Henry and his family.
    He is a precious man and God has used him in our lives!!
    Sharing in His Love and Grace,
    Tim and Marta Schnake

  8. September 21

    We rejoice with you all. There is no way to know how many God has allowed Dr. Blackaby to touch. Dr. B has helped us experience God

  9. September 21

    Praise God! I can see in my mind those “angel armies”. Carrying that car!

  10. September 21

    Dear Henry and Marilyn,

    We are deeply grateful to the Lord that Henry has been found! We are praying for his full recovery.

    Our love & prayers,
    Ken and Carolyn Eells
    Richmond, VA

  11. September 21

    I have prayed and will continue to pray for Mr. Blackaby. He means and has meant very much us. From reading his books my husband felt God calling him into the ministry. Mr. Blackaby will always hold a special place in our lives. I am so glad he is okay!

  12. September 21

    Praying for Dr. Blackaby and his family. Praise God he was found! Take care and keep trusting in the Lord.

  13. September 21

    And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.” (John 14:13-14)

    “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” (Hebrews 4:16)

  14. September 21

    Praying for ALL of you–Henry, Family, and Ministry!! I think about Henry EVERY week as I prepare to teach on Sunday Mornings. I use my Experiencing God Bible with notes as well as HCSB “Experiencing the Word New Testament” which gives commentary also from Henry. The Experiencing God course I took in 1992 and had the privilege of facilitating two additional times changed my life. Thank you for being obedient to His Work and joining Him where He placed YOU!!

  15. September 21

    Thank God he was found and is alive. Praying for a complete recovery.

  16. September 21

    Thank You, Lord Jesus!

  17. September 21

    Praise God for his mercy and grace.

  18. September 21

    So thankful that he was found and seems to be doing well! Especially when I think of what today’s report could have been.


  19. September 21

    Praise the Lord!

  20. September 21

    Clearly he was “experiencing God.” So thankful he has been restored to you and that God protected him and all those around him during those hours. What an awesome God we serve!! Hugs to all the family.

  21. September 21

    Praise the Lord for helping him be found safe! Praying for the family and those taking care of him.

  22. September 21

    Thanking God Mr. Blackaby was found. Our prayers continue for his recovery and for peace for the family.

  23. September 21

    I know that what I feel is that same collective feeling of utter relief and joy felt by the Body of Christ that Brother Henry Blackaby who was missing is now found and being cared for. My wife Melody and I along with our fellow staff at Advancing Native Missions (www.advancingnativemissions.com) join the unnumbered multitudes in concerted prayers for his full recovery from this ordeal.

  24. September 21

    Prayers for Mr. Blackaby…..I have never had a more moving experience than when our study group at church did Experiencing God….it was profound. God bless you all & pray that healing comes quickly. Prayers continue…..

  25. September 21

    We are praying for Henry, Marilynn and the family during this time, grateful for all of the answers God has provided to the prayers of His people…continuing to intercede.

    Bob Lowman
    Metrolina Baptist Association

  26. September 21

    Praising God for His watchcare over Dr. Blackaby. Will continue to lift him and the Blackaby family before The Lord in prayer.

  27. September 21

    Praising our Father for His protection over this faithful servant. Continued prayers of health and healing. Prayers of peace and comfort for his family

  28. September 21

    My prayers are with Dr. Blackaby and the family…. May God Bless and watch over you… Amen…

  29. September 21

    My only request is to our Father that He will continue to watch over Henry Blackaby and the He will place His hand of healing on him, through surgery and beyond. I,like so many millions, have been impacted by this man and His walk with the Lord.

  30. September 21

    So thankful to Him. Psalm 34:3

  31. September 21

    Thank you Jesus for protecting Dr. Blackaby who is cherished by so many. Thank you Almighty God that he was found in time to get the medical care he needed. Thank you for the doctors and staff who are caring for him. Praying for him and his family, Lord hold them all, especially dear Henry in the shadow of your wing. Praying angels all around Henry, to protect and care for him. Henry Blackaby taught me to experience God and hear His voice! He will always be a part of my spiritual family! <3

  32. September 21

    Dear Dr. Blackaby,

    My wife & I, along with our church family at First Baptist Church, Pampa, Texas, have been in prayer for your safe return during this time. Thank you for your service to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. You have made a difference for the Kingdom of God.

    God bless,

    Reed Kirkpatrick

  33. September 21

    Please send updates. Thanking God for his recovery.

  34. September 21

    Praying for Dr. Blackaby. Would love to keep updated on his condition.

  35. September 21

    please send update.

  36. September 21

    Looking forward to updates on Henry’s recovery….

  37. September 21

    Have so enjoyed your Bible studies. Will continue to pray for you and your family. Sending hugs and love from Magnolia, Texas!
    Rick and Lynn Ludwig

  38. September 21

    Praising God for keeping Dr. Blackaby safe and continuing to pray for his health. He has been such a tremendous influence in my life over the years.

  39. September 21

    We were shocked to hear the news of Pastor Blackerby gone missing. Just now a group at our church are in the midst of studying Experiencing God and because of that have felt close to the whole family but especially to Pastor Henry Blackaby. When we heard he had gone missing we immediately began to pray. Not too much longer after we heard he had been found and we lifted up PRAISE! It felt good to be able to do something for Pastor Blackaby. He has mentored so many people through Experiencing God including me and all for the growth of God’s kingdom. We will look for updates on your site and will continue to pray.

  40. September 21

    So thankful that Brother Henry Blackaby was found. Praying he will be okay….prayers for the family and all the doctors who will take care of him. We are viewing the Experiencing God DVD’s in church training and receiving such a blessing.

    Thank you for keeping us updated.

  41. We are so glad to her the good news. Dr Blackaby has certainly made an impact on our lives as well as on many others. The Lord certainly had His hand on Henry all the time he was missing. May the Lord grant him full restoration. We shall continue to pray for him and trust the Lord for His plan and purpose.

  42. September 21

    WOW! I didn’t know until I just read my mail from Capitol Hill Prayer partners. Will keep him in prayer and believe for a MIRACLE and that his body comes into alignment to the word of God. BLESSINGS on Henry and his family!

  43. September 21

    Thank you for the update. I will share this information with my church family. We will continue to pray for Henry and the family.

  44. September 21

    Praise God! I’ve been praying that he would be found safe. I first met him in Dallas in 1991 when I was assigned to Mission Service Corps of Texas at BGCT. He came and taught an “Experiencing God” kick-off session.
    Thank you for keeping us posted on his recovery.

    In His Service,
    Marie Dyess, MSC Emeritus

  45. September 21

    Hi. We will most definitely be lifting you up in prayer. We are so grateful for your ministry, and if you hadn’t written “Experbiencing God”, my husband and I probably would never have met each other! Thank you for all that you have done, and be well soon!

  46. September 22

    I live in Atoka, TN, about 30 miles north of Memphis. I am a member of Crosspointe Baptist Church. We got word heard in this area about your disappearance and many have been praying for a safe return. So glad to hear this awesome news of Mr. Blackaby being found and being treated. We will cotinue to pray for a full recovery. Praise be to God that he was found safe. May God contine to bless you and your family. Hugs and prayers! In Christ, Pam Robinson

  47. September 22

    We praise God that Dr. Blackaby was found and that he was prayed for until found. We prayed for his search and health. Thank you for the update and in our continuance to pray, we lift his name in prayer unto our God who is able to heal and comfort the family, guide his physicians and those who have been touched by his love for God.

  48. September 22

    We praise and thank God for all of you staying by the Lord and pressing in for Pastor Blackaby to be found. We thank God for His mercy and watch care over him. We will continue to thank God with you and pray for all of you. Al and Pat Colton

  49. September 22

    Thank you for the update. I have been wondering and worried. Praise God he is OK!! Please keep us updated!!

  50. September 22

    Please keep us updated!!

  51. September 22

    We are all Praying For Henry and so thankful he was found…we will continue to pray for a full recovery! God is Able and He will answer our prayers! Love, Linda Smith
    Luke 4:18 Fellowship
    Mobile, Alabama.
    My pastor is Dr. Fred H. Wolfe

  52. September 22

    Thankful that Henry was found and is okay! We were praying for him. My husband and I saw him at an Exeriencing God conference back in the 90’s and had the priviledge to meet and talk with him. It was the Lord speaking and leading through him that lead my husband and I into ministry! My husband has since gotten his doctorate (he was in his 40’s!)and he has been Senior Pastor at Ashton Baptist Church in Maryland for the past 11 years.
    God bless you Mr Blackaby and family. Gary and Terry Scarborough

  53. September 22

    Please keep me updated as our church prays for Dr. Blackaby.

  54. September 22

    May God continue to bless & protect him. Prayers for healing for him & peace & rest for those who love him & had worried, searched, & prayed during his absence.

  55. September 22

    God Bless all the people who prayed and continue to pray for this man. Please keep me updated.

  56. September 22

    God is so good!!! I am so happy to hear this great news. There is power, mighty power in prayed!

  57. September 22

    Praying for this mighty man of God. I came to know Jesus through his “Experiencing God.”

  58. September 22

    I am a missionary in South Africa and am leading 20 nationals through Experiencing God. We are all praying for a quick recovery! May God give you His strength through this challenging time.

  59. September 22

    Praying for your family!!

  60. September 22

    Get well Alan Wallace (TBM)

  61. September 22

    We continue to pray.

  62. September 22

    May God’s healing hand restore and revive you Bro Henry; in body, spirit, and mind … in Jesus’ name. Amen

  63. September 22

    My husband (Ray Wise) and I have been praying for you and will continue to pray for a complete recovery.

  64. September 22

    Prayers. I’ve been an insulin dependent diabetic for over 50 years; praying in knowledge of what is at stake. Encouragement for family—hugs.

  65. September 22

    Praising the Lord that Pastor Blackaby has been found safe and is doing well. Continuing to pray that doctors and nurses will have wisdom and compassion as they minister to him.

  66. September 22

    Bro. Henry and Marilyn,
    We are praying for you and the family in this situation. Praying for wisdom and discern for the doctors, God’s grace and mercy for you and the family. If we can be of assistance, please ket us know.

  67. September 22

    Dear Friends,
    So very thankful to our great God for watching over Dr. Blackaby and returning him to his family and friends. We will continue to pray for his recovery. God has used him to bless and strengthen so many, including us!
    In Christ,
    Ray & Barb Williams
    Waterloo, Iowa

  68. September 22

    Our God is Great!! So thankful he was found safe. Will be praying for a speedy recovery.

  69. September 22

    Hi, I’m in Maine and remember doing “Experiencing God” and teaching a teen version of that as well. Was greatly saddened when I heard of Rev. Blackaby’s disappearance and then thrilled when I heard he’d been found. Thank you for the update, and I’m so glad he’s safe and sound in the hospital. Praise God!

  70. September 22

    Believing for total recovery.
    Healing is the Children’s Bread!

  71. September 22


  72. September 22

    I was so sorry to hear about Mr. Blackaby. He is an awesome Bible study teacher, and he is a great Christian. “Experiencing God” is the best Bible study that I have ever had. I will pray for him and his doctors and his family.

  73. September 22

    So thankful he has been found and is receiving medical help. Praise God!

  74. September 22

    Please let Henry and his family know that we at Holly Springs Baptist Church, Broadway, NC, are praying for his full and complete recovery. Our Ladies Bible Study group was blessed beyond measure as we studied Experiencing God last fall (the second time for me). This past spring the small group which I facilitated during that study kept meeting together to continue praying together. We didn’t start another study ourselves during that time because the LBS had already started another study (Beth Moore’s book on Deuteronomy), but personally I am reading and studying Fresh Encounter right now. I thank the whole Blackaby “clan” for your love for the Lord, your writings, and your challenges to keep growing in the Lord. Your call to action is making a difference in my life in the lives of many others. God bless you… With love, Louise

  75. September 22

    So thankful that Dr. Blackaby is on the road to recovery. He and his wife were such a blessing to us when we worked with the IMB. May he recover completely and our prayers are with him.

  76. September 22

    God still answers prayer. Thank God Mr. Blackaby is alright. I will pray for him to recover and for his family.

  77. September 22

    I am so glad that Mr. Blackaby has been found. I have learned so much from his teaching and his humble life. I thank God for his protection over him and we will be praying for his recovery and for the upcoming surgery. God is good all the time.

  78. September 22

    Praise God for answering all those prayers! Our God is great! We are so thankful!

  79. September 22

    Praying for Pastor Blackaby and those attending him in the hospital.

  80. September 22

    Praying for your complete recovery. Grateful for your service to our Lord Jesus Christ.
    God used Experiencing God to change our lives!
    Blessings to you and yours.

  81. September 22

    Still thanking the Lord and praying that Henry will continue to make progress to a quick recovery and be able to continue his ministry.

  82. September 22

    We have thought about you and prayed for you so many times over the years since we last saw you in Asia and are so thankful for you. We have been very concerned since we first heard about Henry’s being missing and are so happy that he is in a safe place and getting the care he needs. we’ll continue to pray.

    In him,
    Virgil and Amy

  83. September 23

    I am so thankful he was found alive, God answers prayers everyday, and his classes have changed my life
    I will continue praying for him and his family

    • September 23

      La promesas del Señor son fieles, bendiciones amén.

  84. September 23

    Thanking God for his watching over him and being returned home.

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