The Blackaby family would like everyone to know that Henry has been found and is safe. His health concerns are being addressed and we will keep everyone posted with the news. We wish to express to everyone our appreciation and gratitude for the prayers and concern over the last 29 hours. Henry has taught us that we can experience God in the good and the bad times. We thank God that we have experienced his grace, peace, and faithfulness in these times.

  1. September 20

    Jesus reigns! Let the earth rejoice for he who was lost has been found! Praise be to God!

    • September 20

      TO GOD BE THE GLORY! So thankful this precious Man of God was found safe!

    • September 20

      Praising God with you and with everyone who loves and appreciates the Blackaby family!!!!!
      Blessings, Francine

  2. September 20

    I am praising God that he was found and is safe. God truly does answer the prayers of His people.

  3. September 20

    God gave Dr. Blackaby back to us and we are all blessed. To God be the glory! He has given us joy! Jim & Toni Dykes

  4. September 20

    Praising God! Henry is special to Jesus, to us, to so many. I mentioned him on my blog the other day:

    Thanks for letting us know.

    Tom (Henry might remember him as the trumpet player from Glorieta and elsewhere years ago) and Marti Pieper

  5. September 20

    God gave him back to us all, and we are blessed. To God be the glory, he has given us joy. Jim & Toni Dykes

  6. September 20

    Praise The Lord!

  7. September 20

    Praise the lord for answered prayer!!!

  8. September 20

    So thankful he has been found safe! Praise God!

  9. September 20

    This is great news. I hope he will recover.

    Debbie Uldrick

  10. September 20

    Amen and Amen. Halleluiah!! Glory be to God. Thank you Father God for watching over Henry. In the name of Jesus, I ask that you aline up his health according to your riches and glory, Lord.

  11. September 20

    To Mr. Blackaby’s family,
    Praise God that he has been found safe! I hope he is fine medically and that God will provide a hedge around him and your family.

  12. September 20

    Praise the Lord. So glad that you are together and he is being looked after. God bless you. Jim and Dee

  13. September 20

    So thankful for God’s faithfulness! Thankful for answered prayers! We love you Henry!

  14. September 20

    Praising God! So thankful for all the updates. Thank you Lord!!

  15. September 20

    Amen! Thank you Lord.
    Thank you for all the updates. We have been praying for your family. So glad he has been found. We love you all.

  16. September 20

    So grateful he has been found! You all are in our prayers.

  17. September 20

    So very happy! Praise God! He was a friend of my father (Dr. Charles Sharp) who recently died of complications of Alzhiemers at 76. My father is probably shouting and singing in heaven for him!!

  18. September 20

    Praise God. Henry’s trial taught us anew to “pray without ceasing” as we have from the moment this morning that we heard he was missing. We continue as his family and doctors join with the Great Physician to care for his immediate needs.

  19. September 20

    Praise The Lord! My little boys and I prayed he would be found safely! What a testimony to the Lord’s mercy and grace! All glory and honor to Him!

  20. September 20

    Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow.
    What great rejoicing is spreading across the world for the safety of Henry.

  21. September 20

    Praise The Lord that he has been found safe and unharmed. God bless!

  22. September 20

    Thanks be to God!!!

  23. September 20

    Rejoicing with you! We, here in the Dallas area, have been standing with you in prayer today as you searched for Dr. Blackaby.
    “And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved; for on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there will be deliverance, as the Lord has said, even among the survivors whom the Lord calls.” Joel 2:32 NIV

  24. September 20

    thank you Father for your mercy and grace!

  25. September 20

    God is ALWAYS at work around us and tonight we have all experienced that truth that Henry taught us. Thank you Protector Father for working.

  26. September 20

    Praise be to the Lord that Henry has been found! Prayer works!! Thinking of all of you today; now get some rest!

  27. September 20

    The glory belongs to the Lord.

  28. September 20

    The glory belongs to the Lord !!!!

  29. September 20

    Praise the Lord for keeping him safe and helping him to be found! He has touched so many lives for God with his writing and speaking through the years.

  30. September 20

    How fortunate we are to know the one and true God who hears and answers our prayers. He is worthy of praise!

  31. September 20

    So thankful to the Lord for this answered prayer, and thank you for what Henry Blackaby has taught me throughout the years!
    Praise you Lord!

  32. September 20

    Praise the Lord.

  33. September 20

    “TO GOD BE THE GLORY”. So thankful this precious Man of God was found!

  34. September 20

    The Lord God is worthy to be praised. He hears and answers our prayers. Praise the Lord!

  35. September 20

    We rejoice with all of you that Dr. Blackaby has been found. Indeed the Lord is good. May the Lord bless Henry with restored health, his family with joy, and each of us with renewed wonder at his greatness.

  36. September 20

    Praising the Lord for his answered prayer and thank you Lord for what Dr. Blackaby has meant in my life and in the life of so many!

  37. September 20

    Thanks for the updates. I know millions of prayers were lifted today for a man who touched many lives.

  38. September 20

    Everyone in Palm Coast, Florida praise the LORD for his faithfulness in returning Dr. Blackaby safely to his family.

  39. September 20

    Everyone in Palm Coast, Florida praise the LORD for His faithfulness in returning Dr. Blackaby safely to his family

  40. September 20

    To God Be the Glory! I am rejoicing with the family that Blackaby has been found and is safe.

  41. September 20

    Thank God Pastor Blackaby has been found. God bless him and your whole family and ministry. He has made a difference in my life!

  42. September 20

    The Holy Spirit put a verse in my heart today as I prayed for God’s watch care over Henry. In I Corinthians 5:14 (NASB), Paul says, ” For if you were to have countless tutors in Christ, yet you would not have many fathers; for in Christ Jesus I became your father through the gospel.” As heartsick and concerned as I felt over Henry’s whereabouts and physical safety, the Holy Spirit clearly showed me that there are truly few “fathers”, i.e. spiritual fathers, today. In fact, there were few “fathers” in the first century, as Paul asserts in this verse. Henry has surely been a “father” to thousands and has encouraged us to pursue a love relationship with our Heavenly Father. Praise God for His goodness to return Henry to us. May we never take spiritual leaders like Henry for granted.

  43. September 20

    What a miraculous way to experience God!! Praise be to El Roi, the God who sees, who knows, who cares. Rejoicing with all prayer warriors even here in Canada that the lost was found. Thanks be to our Good Shepherd!

  44. September 20

    AMEN! Praise God for His marvelous work and mighty deed! I rejoice with you! SHALOM!

  45. September 20

    AMEN! Praise God for His marvelous work and mighty deed! Rejoicing with you! SHALOM!

  46. September 20

    I am a IMB/CNBC Missionary in Spain. Brother Henry is the man who encouraged me to serve God as a new believer when I was sent to pick him up at the airport in Toronto in 1999. He said to me: “Cesar, God is at work in your life, answer His call when He calls you.” Never forgot his words, it is the reason why I answered God’s call to be a missionary in Europe. Our family prayed for him and just read that our brother Henry has been found, but in truth he was found long ago by our Lord Jesus Christ.
    From Sevilla, Spain, we love you brother, thank God your home!

  47. September 20

    Deeply grateful from Florida tonight. Many families were praying! Thank you for asking us to pray and letting us know your need. We rejoice with you all!

  48. September 20

    Praising God with you!! Will continue to pray for his health and for all of you! God is so good and we can indeed rest in Christ in every situation.

  49. Praising God for keeping Henry safe and bringing him home.

  50. Praising God for Henry’s safety!!

  51. September 21

    Dear Blackaby Family and the family @ BMI: The Sam James Family has been interceding before the throne for Dr Blackaby today. What a privilege to hold you all up as you have waited for word of his whereabouts. Dr. Blackaby is a friend of my parents an wrote the Forward for Dad’s book. We stand with you, praising God for his return. Love, the Jameses and Winans.

  52. September 21

    God our loving Abba Daddy is so good!! Praise His wonderful name!! Looking forward to more good words from Mr.Blackaby

  53. September 21

    Praise God!

  54. September 21

    Thank our Lord and protector who is always there with us. All praise and glory to the Father.

    May our dear brother in Christ be wrapped in a hedge of protection by our Lord and Savior and may he recover a hundred fold stronger than before to proclaim the majesty that is Christ to the lost world.

    G-d bless you brother Blackaby. We will pray for your health and speedy recovery.

  55. September 21

    Thank You Jesus for Dr Henry Blackaby safe return home.
    Your Ministry changed my life. God is always at work around us. Love y’all

  56. September 21

    We praise You, Father God, that You’re always there for us, to help and to give us peace and comfort. Your plans for us are bigger than any of us can ever realize or imagine. Praising You and the shelter of Your arms gives confidence. The gratitude we have for Your love and protection permeating our lives is overwhelming. Thank You, Abba, for all things (big and small); You have provided all things for our good. We thank You for Your overabundance of grace and mercy! We continue to pray for Your will at work in all areas of our lives. Thank You, Father, for returning Dr. Blackaby safely to his family and to all whose lives have been touched because of his undying devotion and commitment in Your service, for Your glory, in Jesus’ Name!

    “He is your praise and He is your God, who has done these great and awesome things for you which your eyes have seen . . .”
    (Deuteronomy 10:21)

  57. September 21

    Thank God for his safe return, Dr.. Blackaby has been extremely instrumental in my walk with God. As he continues to be the instrument God has used so well, may he complete the good work God has started. Tears of joy, unspeakable and full of glory!

  58. September 21

    My husband and I are so thankful for this answer to prayer. God is good. Great is His faithfulness!

  59. September 21

    “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow”!

  60. September 21

    PTL!!! tears of joy flow for the safety of this man of God…there will be a new story of grace and mercy that will flow from his lips and I can’t wait to hear it! Thank you Jesus for such a great answer to your children’s prayers!

  61. September 21

    Praise God!! He hears the prayers of His people!! So thankful that Henry has been found. We have all experienced God’s mercy and grace! All Hail King Jesus!!

  62. September 21

    I am a friend of Carries from OBU. So thankful to hear he has been found. Will continue to pray for wisdom and direction for family.

  63. September 21

    Praise the Lord!

  64. September 21

    Praise the Lord! So glad he is safe and back with his family.

  65. September 21

    Praise the Lord he was found and is safe!

  66. September 21

    praise the Lord for answered prayer. henry is one of the sweetest, most Godly and humble men i have ever had the privilege to be around. thank the Lord that he is safe! give him our love and best wishes!

  67. September 21

    I first heard of Henry years ago when Experiencing God first came out. I along with a small group in our church were just finishing Masterlife. On it’s completion, we immediately started Experiencing God. Masterlife changed my life, but Experincing God was like icing on the cake! I literaly use text that Henry and Claude wrote every day these many years later in my reminder system. I also got to meet Henry several times as he traveled to my area several times during that year and the next and still consider it one of the higher privilages I have known! I praise God that you all have him back safe, but I expected it, because ‘God is always at work around me. And ‘He pursues a continuing love relatioship with me that is real and personal.

    THANK YOU! Henry and God bless you all!

  68. September 21

    So glad Henry was found safe. My first concern, is was he on statin drugs for cholesterol. You can go to and see what happened to a former astronaut, he got amnesia and didn’t know who he was or where he was.
    Thanks be to God who watches over His children.

  69. September 21

    Thank you Lord! If we had 10,000 tongues, it would never be enough to thank you, praise you, worship and adore you. Thank you that he that dwells in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. How Great is our God!

    I was just at First Baptist on Wednesday studying the Experiencing God Series. Wednesday was my first day and I have been truly blessed by this teaching.

    Love, Love, Love Pastor Henry and so happy that you are safe.

  70. September 21

    Praise God! Praise also for our churches website that called us all to prayer! Where two or three are gathered in HIS name, He is in the midst.

  71. September 21


  72. September 21

    So grateful! Few have helped the common man connect with a deeper relationship with Jesus than Henry Blackaby. So thankful.

  73. September 21

    Glory be to God for His faithfulness

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