Henry Blackaby is out of surgery this morning. The surgeon indicated the quadruple bypass surgery could not have gone better. Henry has been living with blocked or 70% blocked arteries for several years. The doctor claims he will feel much better once his recovery is complete. Please pray for his recovery and that there will be no complications. He may be transferred home in Atlanta by this weekend. The family cannot thank you enough for your prayers and kind wishes. We believe God has some special tasks remaining for Henry to do and we know he will be eager to undertake them as soon as he is better!

If you desire to send a card/note to Henry and Marilynn Blackaby, please address it to Blackaby Ministries International, PO Box 1035, Jonesboro, GA 30237.

Please send any electronic greetings to Sarah Blackaby at s.blackaby@stevep134.sg-host.com


  1. September 24

    Praise God for His love and mercy for Henry and the rest of his family. Praying for a quick recovery and strength. I love you all, and will continue praying .

  2. September 24

    Dear BMI,

    My heart is rejoicing to hear the news of a successful surgery!
    Henry has had more influence on my walk with Jesus than any
    Christian leader…when I first met Him at a Ridgecrest Conference, he immediately leaned down to my 18 month old son and told Ryan about the cutest bunny he had seen early that morning! Just like Jesus, he took the time to notice and gave Ryan his undivided attention! God does have more plans for this amazing follower of Christ! My family and I will continue to pray for a full recovery!

    Praying Jesus will surround Henry with His presence, tender mercies, and provide His healing power in the days ahead! Blessed be His holy name for preserving Henry’s life in such an extraordinary way!
    Ellen Stevens

  3. September 24


  4. September 24

    Hallelujah! We certainly know where God was working today and we are thankful for those who joined Him!

  5. September 25

    My heart is smiling…
    Thank the Lord, our trustworthy friend.

    May God enable His children in present day discern His heart better and better.

  6. September 25

    We are so Grateful to God for Answered Prayers. To God be the Glory.
    Praising God for his Devine hand of protection on Henry and his family during this ordeal.
    What a testimony to the world… Our God is still in control and takes care of his own.
    You are in our thoughts and prayers. We love you and Thank God for you.

  7. September 27

    Our Church, FBC of LaCoste, Texas, has been lifting Bro. Henry and his family up and will continue to do so. We praise our Glorious LORD for the wonderful outcome of today’s surgery!

  8. September 29

    Praise God for His help & healing touch.

    I do thank God for this dear man of God & pray that he will have many more fruitful years of ministry. I have received so much from his teaching.

    Praying for a quick recovery.

    Kilbride, Ontario

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