Henry’s credit card was used an hour ago in Perry, GA.  Please watch for his vehicle if you are in that area and call police if you see it.

Henry was driving a 2010 Lincoln MKZ Black Sedan, Georgia License Plate – ATP 6956

  1. September 20

    Praying for a safe return.

    Just a gentle note… when posting like this, please include the exact time in the post… it might help people in the search.

    Example: Henry’s credit card was used at 6:04 pm Friday (or whatever)…

    Thanks, and may God direct someone to Henry soon.


  2. September 20

    Wonder if they are on way to Florida with him. Praying. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  3. September 20

    I can’t believe this..we shall be praying for Henry and you guys.. But, if I know Henry..someone is being convicted and coming to The Lord .. God Bless and huge Hugs to Marilyn..
    Love you guys …

  4. September 20

    Praying for the entire family! Peace for the family and for Dr. Blackaby to be found!!!

  5. September 20

    I pray someone sees him and he becomes aware.

  6. September 20

    When was “an hour ago?” please date and time the updates. Thanks…….praying. Eloise

  7. September 20

    Our church In Southern California is praying for his safe return. Dr, Blackaby and his teaching material has been truly instrumental in shaping my spiritual fomation and helping many people experience God in our church. Prayerfully, Daniel Im, Life Baptist Church.

  8. September 20

    When was “an hour ago”? Praying hard for my brother and spiritual father.

  9. September 20

    The Matties Call is showing at the GAB/GBI web site now.I’m sorry for the confusion; it was probably only me that was confused, though. I hope that he is located soon.

  10. September 20

    Dear Blackaby Family,

    Your Central Florida brothers and sisters in Christ are praying for you and for Henry’s safe return – he is so special to all of us.

  11. September 20

    Praying for his safe return!

  12. September 20

    Crosspointe Community Church in Roswell, Ga. Is praying for Dr. Blackaby and his family! Praying for God’s protection and Grace during these next hours!

  13. September 20

    there should be warning bracelets for illnesses that non hospital persons can wear with a number to call.. hope he is ok… if someone finds him wandering they could call his home number or whatever..

  14. September 20

    Have been praying today and so grateful to God for his safe return. We love the Blackabys and will continue to pray for Henry’s health situation.
    Mike & Debbie

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