When He had stopped speaking, He said to Simon, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.”      Luke 5:4

When Christ teaches you something about Himself, He implements it into your life through experience. As the crowds gathered around, Jesus chose to board Peter’s boat and teach the people from there. All day long Peter sat in the boat listening to Jesus teach the multitudes. At the close of His discourse, Jesus allowed Peter to experience the reality of what He had just been teaching the crowd. The crowd had heard the truth, but Peter was to experience it.

Jesus put His teaching into language a fisherman could understand. He told Peter to put out his nets into the deep water. Peter hesitated, “Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing.” Peter had been fishing all night, had washed and repaired his nets in the morning, and then listened to Jesus teach. He was tired. He probably was not expecting a dramatic encounter with God at a time like that. Yet, as Peter obeyed Jesus, he pulled in such a miraculous catch of fish that his boat almost sank! Peter was filled with amazement and recognized that he had just experienced the power of God (Luke 5:4-11).

Peter learned that with a command from Jesus, he could do anything. Thus, Jesus was able to reorder Peter’s priorities from catching fish to catching men (Luke 5:10). Peter’s obedience led to a dramatic new insight into the person of Jesus. This was an invitation to walk with Jesus in an even more intimate and powerful way.

God does not want you to merely gain intellectual knowledge of truth. He wants you to experience His truth. There are things about Jesus you will learn only as you obey Him. Your obedience will then lead to greater revelation and opportunities for service.

  1. March 14

    Thus, Jesus was able to reorder Peter’s priorities from catching fish to catching men (Luke 4:10).
    I believe the reference for this sentence should be Luke 5:10.

    • April 15

      Great catch, John.

  2. March 15

    Please email daily devotional to me

  3. March 15


  4. April 18

    Yes, I not only want to gain intellectual knowledge of truth from GOD, but I need to experience GOD’S truth too.

    Yes, I am ready and willing to learn things as I choose to obey JESUS right away, and not hesitate.

    Yes, I want my obedience to lead me to greater revelations of GOD, and opportunities for service to let my light shine, so GOD can draw all men unto HIM.

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