Spring 2021 Update

Dear Friends:

I trust you are well and seeing God at work in your life in these days. As we enter the Spring and Summer months, we are excited that although we experienced many cancelled and postponed events over the past 12 months, we are returning to more and more in person events. We are also grateful for how God has used our more than 75 virtual events in these months to impact families, churches, marketplace leaders around the globe. Technology has been a powerful ministry tool for us.

It is also exciting to see our latest release, “The Solomon Promise”, be received across the nation with such good feedback and reviews. The book contains much of my Dad’s heart about revival and spiritual awakening and what God requires from Him people if we are to see a fresh moving of His power in our lives, churches and across our land. We look forward to all that God has in mind for these messages in the months ahead.

During the Summer months, we hope to move into our new studio space. This move will give us even greater opportunity to expand our online presence through podcasts, Facebook live events, virtual workshops, YouTube videos and more.

God has been faithful to meet our daily ministry operating needs through generous friends like you, and we are grateful to know there are many standing with us as ministry partners. As we navigate the days ahead with a desire to live and minister on God’s agenda, if God places it on your heart to stand with us in these days through a donation, that would be a huge blessing and encouragement to our ministry team.

Our “annual report” and our ministry “990” posted in the Financial Info section are available for your information and review. I trust it will help you have confidence in our commitment to financial transparency and integrity.

Finally, please let us know if there are ways we can be praying for and with you in the days ahead. You may contact our Vice-President, Rick Fisher at rfisher@blackaby.org at any time to share what is on your heart. May these days be some of the best you have known in serving God!


Richard Blackaby