November 26, 2019

Dear Friends:

This year has been one of the most productive and rewarding years thus far for our ministry. Our team has ministered in places such as Nigeria, Iraq, Thailand, Brazil, Bulgaria, England, and Romania. We have developed an exciting new ministry to Millennials and Gen Z’s called “The Collision.” We have had numerous ministries ask us to help them equip their leaders and staff to know how to be on God’s agenda. Organizations such as The Gideons, BGEA, C-12, Fellowship of Christian Companies International, and the CEO Forum, as well as many others, have approached us to work with them. We have also been privileged to speak at various national and international meetings as well as to the annual state convention meetings of states such as Nevada, Mississippi, and the Northwest Baptist Convention. Next year’s schedule is already full of opportunities to minister all over the world.

As we approach year-end, could I ask you to consider a few things? First, please pray for our ministry team. We are a small ministry with a large assignment. We desperately need God’s wisdom to know what we should do and say, and God’s protection as we travel and minister. Second, please consider how you could support our ministry financially. This year’s giving has been behind what we normally receive, and as a result, we are praying that God will lead some people to give generously at year-end so we can meet all of our financial obligations. Finally, please join us in ministering as you can. Encourage your young people to go to and engage in the materials there. Join us in a conference. I’ll be at The Cove April 6-8 along with my son Daniel, speaking on “Increasing Your Spiritual Influence.” I’d love to have you join me!

Thank you again, for your friendship. It means far more than you know.


Richard Blackaby