What is the Spiritual Leadership Network

A network of Spiritual Leaders growing, learning and encouraging one another on a safe site hosted by Blackaby Ministries International. This web-based resource is for members only.

As a Spiritual Leader committed to settling for nothing less than God’s best for those you love and serve, you owe it to them to be continually growing and learning. This is best done in community. The BMI Spiritual Leadership Network will enable you to learn and grow with others on a schedule that works for you. The Blackabys travel around the world teaching and preach-ing on Spiritual Leadership. Now, to better steward the message that God has entrusted to them, they are making their world-renowned teaching available more broadly to those who join the network. Leaders from around the world can counsel and encourage one another as God takes their leadership to another level.

What’s included in my Membership?

  • A Spiritual Leadership email devotional sent to you daily (M-F)
  • Insightful articles, written exclusively for members, on current leadership challenges and issues in the church, marketplace or home
  • A Q&A page where members can submit questions concerning leadership issues to be answered by BMI staff. Network members may also contribute to the dialog
  • A once a year, 50% off discount for a full leadership coaching session with a certified BMI Spiritual Leadership coach
  • Book reviews on leadership books by BMI as well as network members
  • An archive of related leadership articles
  • Video interviews with Henry Blackaby and BMI staff on leadership issues
  • Discounts to BMI leadership conferences

…and much more as new materials are being added regularly!

A Note from Dr. Richard Blackaby

Our ministry team travels across the country as well as internationally, speaking and training people in leadership. Countless times we have talked with leaders who were struggling and needed help to address issues they were facing. Or they sensed God had much more He wanted to do through them and their organization, but they didn’t know what to do next. My father cannot personally mentor all those who would like him to. However, with so many people asking us for help, God led us to develop this site where we could gather outstanding biblical leadership resources so anyone seeking to grow as a leader could access it. We have been life-long learners and we hope this leadership network will help you take your leadership to an entirely new level as you allow God to use your life mightily in the position He has placed you.

Join the SLN

The cost to join the BMI Spiritual Leadership Network is now only $1.99. You can access the network via the website or the BMI App. To register, simply press the “Payment” button.

After you finish the registration, you will be emailed your login information.