Whoever commits sin also commits lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness.      1 John 3:4

It is a dangerous thing to live your life without a spiritual “plumb line,” or standard, by which you determine right from wrong. God’s Word is that plumb line. Spiritual laws, like physical laws, are meant to protect you, not restrict you. You may exercise your freedom to challenge the laws of electricity, but to do so can bring you death. Likewise, you will not break God’s laws, they will break you. God established absolute moral and spiritual laws that we are free to ignore, but we do so at our own peril. These laws are timeless. Culture does not supersede them. Circumstances do not abrogate them. God’s laws are eternal, and they will save you from death if you follow them.

You may feel that God’s laws restrict and bind you. On the contrary, God’s Word protects you from death (Rom. 6:23). For example, when God said that you are not to commit adultery, He wanted to free you to experience the fullest pleasure of a marriage relationship. Furthermore, He knew the devastating heartache that would come to you, your spouse, your children, your relatives, your friends, and your church family if you broke this law. How important the laws of God are for your life! Without them, you would be robbed of the delights God has in store for you. Sin is choosing a standard other than God’s law on which to base your life. If you are measuring your life by that of your neighbors, or society at large, then you are basing your life on lawlessness, and lawlessness is sin.

  1. February 13

    Can you get daily devotions sent to me by email each day? It would not forward past Feb12. I was hoping to share Feb 13 on love on Facebook.

    • February 23

      Hey Jesse,
      Unfortunately, we don’t email the devotional out.

      • February 23

        Is there a web site to get daily devotions

        • February 24

          Hi Jesse, you can download the Blackaby App which also has the daily devotionals on it. Besides that, I don’t know of a website that has it.
          BMI Team

  2. February 13

    Love the daily devotionals; however, the website is not always current with the date. I live in the west (Nevada) and occasionally the website is not updated to the current date.

    Can this be fixed? I cherish the devotional and have been reading them for over 10 years. They are encouraging and uplifting as well as reveal the sins and error in my life that need adjusting to realign themselves in the middle of God’s will for my life.

    Please let me know if the website can be fixed to reflect the current day’s daily devotional.

  3. February 14

    Pls help me pray for my daughter Sagrada who was diagnosed to have Bipolar Disorder, She is suffering from depression and affecting her so much. At times she wishes to die. I’m in pain not for myself but my young daughter. Pls, help me with her. I surrender to our Lord and seek His mercy and will. I thank you and God bless you. Pls help me pray for her healing

    • February 12

      Georgina…I am praying for your daughter, and also for you. God knows you and your situation. May you feel His peace.

  4. February 12

    Georgina, I have prayed that the Lord will heal your daughter of this terrible disorder. I pray that you will be encouraged, strengthened, and given the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that you need to help her and that God will grant those who are treating her that same wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

  5. February 13


  6. April 14

    Yes, without GOD’S laws, we will be cheated out of all the joyfulness
    that GOD has in store for us.

    So, when you sin, you are breaking the Law. Therefore, we need to choose GOD’S law on how to live our lives. We need to choose Life, and not death, for the wages of sin is death.

    GOD’S way is the Highway.

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