Neither did they say, “Where is the LORD, Who brought us up out of the land of Egypt, Who led us through the wilderness.”      Jeremiah 2:6

Christianity is an intimate, growing relationship with the person of Jesus Christ. It is not a set of doctrines to believe, habits to practice, or sins to avoid. Every activity God commands is intended to enhance His love relationship with His people.

God designed worship for us to see Him in His glory and to respond appropriately; for many it has degenerated into “religion,” one more meeting to attend out of habit. God established the sacrificial system so that we, His people, could express our love to Him; but we often diminish our gifts to our Lord into futile attempts to appease Him and to pacify our guilty conscience. God gave us prayer so we could have conversation with Him, but we often distort this by “saying prayers” and hurrying off without ever listening to what is on our Father’s heart. God instituted His commandments as a protection for those He loves, but the commandments can become a pathway to legalism rather than an avenue for a relationship with our Father in which He protects us from harm.

Religious activity apart from fellowship with God is empty ritual. The people of Jeremiah’s day were satisfied to have the ritual without the manifest presence of God. They became so comfortable with their “religion” that they didn’t even notice God’s absence. Is it possible to pray, to attend a worship service, or to give an offering yet not to experience the presence of God? It certainly is possible! And that has been the sad commentary on many a Christian experience. Don’t settle for a religious life that lacks a vital relationship to Jesus Christ. When God is present, the difference will be obvious.

  1. January 5

    God’s gifts to us are to show his love, including the law. Just as a parent disciplines their child to keep them safe and teach them and keep them safe God protects us. A relationship with Jesus will flow out of you onto others. Our attendance at church will not. Love the Lord with all your heart…

    • January 6

      Great contemplation, Jennifer!

  2. January 5

    I love my Lord and Savior with all my heart, all my soul, all my mind and all my strength.

    All Praise, Honor to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ…🙏🏻

  3. January 5

    2 points strike me most. I can pray, but not listen to what God says to me. The 10 commandments are to protect me and my relationships. But I can misuse them to judge others.

  4. January 6


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