All of our Blackaby Ministries online classes can be offered as a church or small group study. The “For Churches & Small Groups” option features the same benefits as the individual tract, as well as some additional perks. We will create a private class section specifically for your group and offer a substantial discount on registration. Private classes also allow for additional flexibility, as they can be scheduled for any time throughout the year and are not dependent on the dates of the general public classes.

Why Should My Church Take A Bible Study Online?

Our online classes offer three significant advantages over traditional Bible studies.

1. Additional Content:

In addition to the current lesson videos, our online classes also include new teaching videos filmed specifically for the class. Our Experiencing God class also offers the original “classic” teaching videos, which are not available anywhere else. Our classes provide an interactive online discussion forum, a livestream Q & A, and the unique opportunity to study the material with members of the Blackaby family and team.

2. Increased Flexibility:

 Your church/small group can offer the class at any point throughout the year. Our classes can be taken in conjunction with weekly in-person gatherings, or registered participants can complete the course entirely online. Participants will have personal access to the lesson material and the ability to study at their own pace.

3. More Convenience:

Our Blackaby Ministries team will manage the online material, facilitate discussions, answer questions, and provide technical support. Simply schedule a start date, provide a list of registered participants, and we will take it from there!

Pricing and Registration

Groups of eight or more receive a 50% off discount on registration. Payment and a list of participants’ emails are required at least one week prior to the scheduled start date.

For booking or more information, please contact

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