And you know in all your hearts and in all your souls that not one thing has failed of all the good things which the LORD your God spoke concerning you. All have come to pass for you; not one word of them has failed.      Joshua 23:14

Near the end of his life, Joshua took time with the Israelites to review all that God had done for them since they first began following Him. God had given them an impossible assignment: to conquer a foreign and hostile land with fortified cities and armies more powerful than their own. The Israelites were to go forward with nothing more than God’s promise that He would go with them and take care of them. Now Joshua looked back over their experience and reminded the Israelites that God had kept every promise. They had experienced numerous victories and had enjoyed God’s provision for every need.

Sometimes hindsight gives us a clear picture of how faithful God has been. We are tempted during a crisis to wonder if God will be faithful to His promises. We focus on our problems, and our trust in God begins to waver. Twenty-four years after God promised Abraham and Sarah a son, they were still waiting on God to fulfill His promise. But in the twenty-fifth year, Abraham and Sarah could look back and see that God had been faithful. As David was fleeing for his life, he may have been uncertain how God would keep His promise to make him a king. But at the end of his long and prosperous reign, David could review how God had kept every promise.

You, too, can rely on God’s faithfulness. Are you in a crisis? Hold to the promises of your Lord! He will not forget His promises to you. Look back over your Christian life and recount the many ways in which God has been faithful to His word.

  1. Good devotional, but whatever happened to the SBC ones? They had more scripture, including “Read Through the Bible in a Year.”

  2. August 5

    I have been using this devotional in book form for years and it has been a tremendous blessing over the years. Experiencing God as help shape my view of God.

  3. August 5

    I really liked the devotional today because it was more personal than explanatory. My daughter and I are going through challenging times right now, so this Scripture and these thoughts were reassuring, thank you. I do miss the daily scriptural readings to help me read the Bible in a year.

  4. August 5

    Really counted on the old devotions. Hate they had to change.

  5. August 5

    Really liked the other Devotionals better.
    Wish they were still available. Liked having the outline to read daily and the thought for today and the comparison of Christ in the reading. Don’t understand the purpose of this change.
    Prayers for you all who make these decisions.

  6. August 5

    This devotional really spoke to me. Being a recovering alcoholic, I can see how He has helped me to be sober by just staying in His word and trusting Him.

  7. August 6

    I enjoy these devotionals. There are many others out there with various content.

  8. August 8

    Yes Amen I have this devotional at home but i read it at work also. God is faithful when I look back on what he has done according to His promises I know He will be faithful to get me through the current crisis

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