We have a new online classes starting on August 26. It is called Leading Experiencing God and is a six week study.

The intention of this course is not so much to teach Experiencing God, but to teach leaders how to teach it. Richard and Tom Blackaby have compiled their teaching notes, observations, recommendations, and insights over the years to help leaders focus their efforts on the primary issues at hand, and to deal with subsequent questions that many have asked over the years. We hope that each person has already had a chance to go through the course before taking this class so that they concepts and truths will not be here seen for the first time.

This ‘class’ will present teaching material, insights and recommendations based on the material found in the revised Experiencing God member book/workbook. Discussion of the principles and truths is encouraged through the “Discussion Board” tabs on the course tools buttons. We will poll the class at some point to determine whether or not a “chat room” would be beneficial. As our travelling schedules are busy, we will endeavour to answer and comment on any questions in a timely fashion throughout the duration of the course. We also welcome following dialogue through email if requested, but prefer to keep the dialogue within the context of the class so other students can benefit from the interaction.

For class descriptions, pricing and to register, click here.

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