Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.      2 Corinthians 5:17

You do not become a Christian by asking Jesus into your heart. You become a Christian when you are born again. Jesus said, “Unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God” (John 3:3). Saying a prayer or making a public commitment or signing a decision card will not save you. Only being born again will do that. The apostle Paul said that when you are “in Christ,” the old things pass away. In the moment of your salvation, every sin you ever committed is forgiven. Healing for every hurt you have ever suffered is available. Love and acceptance are yours despite every failure you have ever experienced. Your past, no matter how difficult or painful, is completely and thoroughly provided for.

Some will seek to diminish the awesome reality of your spiritual rebirth. You will hear them say, “Even though you’re now a Christian, you must still undergo years of counseling to overcome the hurts you’ve experienced” or “You may be born again, but you’ll continue to struggle with your sin, and hopefully you will eventually gain victory in areas of your weakness.”

The problem is that we seek changes by our own will rather than by turning our lives over in faith to the One who has given us new life. The profound testimony of Scripture is that the blood of Jesus Christ and the death of the Son of God is sufficient to completely free you from your sin. Satan will seek to convince you that it is not. Whom will you believe?

  1. January 18

    I pray for those who struggle to surrender to God and rest in his will for them. Lord, help their hearts to be humbled to you and to feel the comfort of giving you control of their lives.

  2. January 18

    But, daily we have to turn away from personal sin after we confess, repent and be resolve.

  3. January 18


  4. January 19

    Everything said here in my opinion contradicts your first line. When we accept Jesus and confess with our mouths we are saved. We are made new. We are born again. It is a life long process of God healing and changing us to be more like Jesus. Maybe I misunderstood but being saved is not about Christianity it is about being in relationship with Jesus.

  5. January 23

    It has now been a few days since I have read this and I do have a couple questions for whoever is writing this. I must admit I struggle with some of dailies, but this one is just off the chart.

    1.Are the daily devotions written by the same person or is a compilation of multiple authors?

    2. Maybe the author of today’s devotion wanted to toss out a thought that would cause us to “think about things”.

    3. Maybe he is from the “old” Nazarene denomination. You know the one…two definite works of grace…Salvation and for me the ever elusive Sanctification. Where the “nature of sin, the desire to sin has been eradicated. The testimonies of people saying the were saved and sanctified at 7 years old and have never sinned since.

    I am 68 years old, been married 52 years(yes we started very young) and I have spent the last 30 years trying to distance myself from that programming. And which, if I am not mistaken the Nazarene Church has modified and now teaches Sanctification is a lifelong process.

    I have a friend/mentor who is 75 years old and is much further down the road of a life of holiness who told me about the Blackaby Daily Devotional and I have been following along almost daily trying to find my road to a more holy life and some days it hits a nerve and I have to read the whole chapters of verses you mention to understand what the author is trying to say…and that really helps…but today’s….man o man!

    4. I have asked Jesus into heart and to be my Lord. I am born again..or another version of the bible says…”a brand new species that has never before existed”. But, this Christ follower does still struggle with sin. And yes because of being brought up in the Nazarene church there is this voice in the back of my mind that says “Terry you aren’t gonna make it , that you’re not gonna make it….and I absolutely hate that.

    5. Reading statements like the author writes “You may be born again, but you’ll continue to struggle with your sin, and hopefully you will eventually gain victory in areas of your weakness.” is condescending at best and takes me back to that alter at the Nazarene church begging God to “Sanctify” me…so Thank You

    • January 30

      Thanks for your message. The devotional was written primarily by Richard Blackaby, drawing from much of Henry Blackaby’s teaching.

      We have been gratified that many, many people have been richly blessed through the spiritual insights found on these pages!

      Yes, the opening line was written to catch people’s attention. Unfortunately, many have merely repeated a prayer for salvation but not experienced a transformed life as a result. The point is that mouthing a prayer is not the same as truly repenting of your sin, believing with your heart, and experiencing the Holy Spirit enter you and transform you with new birth.

      It sounds like you are taking some of your own struggles and experiences into your reading. Read this one again, slowly and carefully. Because the space is limited for each day, we have to pack a lot in without having the time to explain things as fully as we might like. However, it does not say, “Even though you’re now a Christian, you must still undergo years of counselling to overcome the hurts you’ve experienced . . .” Notice that it begins with, “Some will diminish the awesome reality of your spiritual rebirth. You will hear them say . . .” In other words, we reject that notion and offer hope that God can radically transform you and set you free when you are born again.

      I hope this helps. Some of these are written to make you think. At first you may struggle to understand the point, but keep pondering. Hopefully you will find some deep riches in these pages!

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