For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.      Matthew 16:25

Christians are commanded to lose their lives. This means they ought to deliberately release their lives to God and His kingdom. One of the greatest hindrances to you being on mission with God will be your view of what constitutes your “legitimate rights”; that is, those things that you feel you have a right to experience and enjoy. It’s not difficult to turn over to Christ those things that are not a sacrifice or that you would prefer to do without anyway. Rather, it is the things that are good and that are dear to you that may stand between you and God’s will.

It’s good to be near your grown children and grandchildren, for example, but God may want you to go to another city or continent on mission with Him. It’s good to get adequate rest, but you may receive a call of distress in the middle of the night. You may assume that you have a right to certain material things, yet God may ask you to release all of your possessions to Him and His purposes (Matt. 19:21).

Jesus modeled perfectly this attitude toward life. He had a legitimate right to enjoy the comforts of heaven. Yet, He did not look at it as a right He should hold on to, nor did He see leaving all that was His as a sacrifice too costly to make (Phil. 2:5-11). As a result, God highly exalted Him and brought salvation to a broken world.

Has the world convinced you that there are certain rights that you must protect? Are you trying to save your life? Have you noticed that in so doing, you are actually losing the life God wants you to have?

  1. November 11

    What a wonderful insight to consider and commit. Thank you for providing such a clear message. It is such a freedom to release the things that perish and follow the ones that are of eternal value.
    Many blessings and may our Lord bless you,

    Ms. Maria G. Diaz

  2. Absolutely helpful! Amen to Maria’s comment, “It is such a freedom to release . . . ” John and Marg Crozier

  3. November 11

    Lord Jesus, How tied we are to this world, when it is not our home! Please help us through your Spirit to let go. To stop clinging to those things that will not count, and those that we do not have control over anyway. I trust You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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