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The InnerChange Freedom Initiative (IFI) is a revolutionary, Christ-centered, Bible-based prison program supporting prison inmates through their spiritual and moral transformation beginning while incarcerated and continuing after release.

Dr. Blackaby recently spoke with IFI at the Newton Correctional Facility in Newton, Iowa. The following is a small exerp from Dr. Blackaby concerning prison ministry and three testimonies from his time in Newton.

“America is in desperate need of a mighty touch of God. I see more happening in the prisons than any other place in the nation. I don’t know of a group of people across America who have as great an opportunity to see God transform the nation as released prisoners who have come to know the Lord in prison.”

Click here for a testimony from an inmate.

Click here for a testimony from an IFI staff member.

Click here for a testimony from an IFI prison volunteer

Click here for more information about IFI.

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