And God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” And He said, “Thus you shall say to the children of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.’ “         Exodus 3:14

When Moses encountered God in the burning bush, he still had much to learn about his Lord. Moses was impressed with the miracle before him (Exod. 3:3). However, it would take much more than a burning bush to lead Israel out of captivity from the most powerful nation of Moses’ day. Would the same God who could cause a bush to burn without being consumed also be able to do what was necessary to deliver a multitude?

God’s answer was, “I AM!” That is, “Moses, I’ll be whatever you need Me to be as you carry out my assignment. If you need miraculous signs in order to convince Pharaoh, then that is how I will express Myself. If you need Me to interrupt nature and part the waters of the Red Sea, then I will demonstrate Myself in that way. If you require food and water, then I will be your provider. If you are afraid, I’ll be your strength.”

At the beginning of Moses’ walk with the Lord, Moses had no idea all that he would need God to do for him. Yet each time Moses faced a need, He learned something new about God. Moses came to realize that there was much more to God than a burning bush. What if Moses was so enamored with his experience at the bush that he built a tabernacle on the spot and established “The Church of the Burning Bush”? He would have missed out on so much more that God wanted to reveal to him! Think back to your understanding of God when you first began walking with Him. How have your experiences expanded your knowledge of Him?

  1. May 5

    This was a great 😸

  2. May 6


  3. My experiences have expanded my knowledge of GOD
    in the following ways:

    ✔️ improved prayer life
    ✔️ Walking out on FAITH more
    ✔️ Recognizing GOD in little things
    ✔️ Receiving confirmation of information GOD has revealed to me
    ✔️ Believing in the Trinity
    ✔️ Level of loving people has increased
    ✔️ Hearing GOD speak through reading the Bible
    ✔️ Responding to commands given by the HOLY SPIRIT right away

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