Henry returned home from the hospital on Sunday evening. He has six weeks or so of recovery time. He is enjoying being in his own house once again. He appreciates prayers and concern expressed. Visits and calls must be kept to a minimum at this time.

If you desire to send a card/note to Henry and Marilynn Blackaby, please address it to Blackaby Ministries International, PO Box 1035, Jonesboro, GA 30237.

Please send any electronic greetings to Sarah Blackaby at s.blackaby@stevep134.sg-host.com

  1. September 30

    My prayers have been and will continue to be for Henry’s complete recovery. I am also thankful to God for all that HE has accomplished through Henry and his entire family.

    I have personally been blessed by attending Henry’s Tuesday morning Bible Study.

  2. September 30

    God is good. Love to all.

  3. September 30

    Welcome home Dr Blankaby you have touched many
    Lives, with your life and I am so greatful that my life is one them. My prayers is with you and your family.
    God is always at work around us. Healing is the children’s bread. In Jesus Name Amen

  4. October 1

    Praise God.

    May God be with His precious servant and his family.

    May you enjoy restful peace and the Love of our heavenly Father.

    God bless you all.

  5. October 4

    Good Morning to the Man of God and the woman of God elected to walk with him in life and ministry.
    We are excited to read of the response of God to the prayers of the saints. As Believers, our job description is to “believe God”. Those were the final words from my own Bishop on June 13th this year and it was difficult to accept that his work in this realm was over, but the mandate stands”believe God”. So we thank God for the demonstration of the healing power of prayer and the prevailing work of the stripes that our Lord took for us.
    We here at Restoration Fellowship in Bermuda are happy to have been included in the army of intercessors drafted to pray and we will continue to remain on the wall for you.
    God bless you, you ARE the apple of His eyes and the object of His love and a cherished gift to the Body of Christ.
    Sincere love,
    Rev. Angria Bassett(Bermuda)

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