Surgery not today. Probably Tuesday, possibly Monday. At least 4 blockages. He’s in good spirits, joking with staff!

  1. September 22

    Pls know that your entire family are bring held up in prayer, for the medical staff and of course, Henry. Thanks so much fir keeping us updated and giving us the privilege of praying. God bless.

  2. September 22

    Praying God Heals and Grants a Healing Miracle! Praying for family- doctors – IN Jesus Holy Name – 4 HIS GLORY ALONE!

  3. September 22

    Praying for you.

  4. September 22

    Thank you SO much for posting updates….We want to know when they do schedule surgery…… and friends praying to our precious Lord Jesus for healing and restoration. We love you all….HUGS to Dr. Henry and Mrs. Marilynn!
    Carolin, Lloyd, Brady and Emily Zietlow

  5. September 22

    We are in prayer and will continue. We apreciate these updates.

  6. September 23

    Have been and shall continue to pray for this dear saint.

  7. September 23

    Continuing to pray for Henry and praising God for His wonderful, awesome and perfect concern for our lives. Thankful for the way that Henry has been used by God. Prayer for his family and close friends during this stressful time as well.
    In His love,

  8. September 23

    Dear God of grace, mercy, purpose and love. Thank you for sparing Henry’s life and for the privilege and opportunity to pray for the heart surgery, the doctors, nurses and family, friends, and all who know and love him. Be glorified in this situation, bring peace to all who enter Henry’s room, steady hands of the surgeons, wisdom and excellence to the doctors and nurses, and your perfect timing in all matters. Strenghten Henry’s heart for the surgery. Surprise the doctors with the “only God could have done this” kinds of things. May many people in this hospital and around the world experience You, God, as a result of these circumstances, and turn to You as their Lord and savior. I ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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