Henry Blackaby will undergo quadruple bypass surgery this Tuesday. He has from 70% to 100% blockage. The doctor also says one area is not functioning and might have been damaged by an undetected heart attack as much as five years ago. It is amazing how God has preserved Henry and enabled him to continue ministering with his heart functioning far below what it should be. Please thank God for his watch care over Henry. If he had not experienced this recent heart attack, doctors might not have been alerted to his condition. Pray for a successful procedure on Tuesday and pray that it gives Henry new energy and clarity to serve the Lord for many years to come.

  1. September 23

    Praise God! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Christian Fellowship Group was on alert and praying for his safe return. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! We will be praying for his surgery and speedy recovery. Blessings,
    Angie Tracey

  2. September 23

    Praise God… God didnt bring him this far to leave him!!! God is “THE” Doctor who has never lost a case. Still working miracles. I believe God with you.

  3. September 23


  4. September 23

    I was so blessed to be a part of Dr. Blackaby’s ministery at First Baptist Gallatin, Tn last week. I shall continue to pray for him, his medical team, his staff, and especially Marilynn and the rest of his family.


    Gail Flatt

  5. September 23

    Praying for Dr. Henry Blackaby – Jeremiah 17 vs 14: “O LORD, HEAL ME, AND I WILL BE HEALED. SAVE ME, AND I SHALL BE SAVED. MY PRAISE WILL BE OF YOU ALONE!”

    Intercessory Prayer Ministry of First Baptist Church Orlando

  6. September 23

    My wife and I along with our church family are praying for Henry and all of you. Your ministry means a lot to us, we pray God’s peace and protection guide your hearts and minds.

  7. September 23

    Praying for Henry,Marilyn, and entire family. God has protected Henry and has had His loving arms around him. May you continue to feel His presence.

  8. September 24

    God uses men to change others lives. In 2000 Henry Blackaby came to El Pas, Texas and preached moving from “relationship to religion.” God use thisessage to radically change my life. I was answering Gods call to ministry at the time. god timing is perfect! I have used Dr. Blackaby’s model throughout my ministry. Our ministry has his fingerprints on it. We have given out 100’s of his daily devotionals and CD’s
    My children never leave home to go to school or college without reading as we call it, no disrespect “Blackaby”
    We are fervently prayer this morning in cooperate prayer for Dr. Blackaby, his family and staff. God has done great and mighty things with his life and he is truly my hero in the faith.

    Serving and awesome God,
    Pastor Blake Melancon

  9. September 24

    Have been praying for Dr. Blackaby. Will be praying concerning surgery today. I read his devotional book/journal most days. Experiencing God had a major impact on my life. My husband and I went through the EG with Henry at Glorieta before the books were even in print! Thanks for keeping us posted!

  10. September 24

    To God be the glory, great things HE has done.
    So glad to hear and share in the blessings of Dr. Henry Blackaby. God has spoken, and we are grateful. Continuing to keep you all in prayer as the Lord heals, restores and reveals his will for the next season of Dr. Blackaby’s life.
    Love Blessings,

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