Henry and Marilynn with G.H.W. Bush

A number of years ago, I attended a board meeting in Phoenix for our ministry. One of our board members was hosting a special dinner at which former President George H.W. Bush was scheduled to speak. I told my friend that I’d love to have a chance to meet Bush and give him a copy of my book Spiritual Leadership.

“Well you’re in luck,” my friend replied. “I have assigned him a seat next to yours for the entire evening!”

I found Bush to be personable, humorous, and engaging. He shared his story of joining the military even though he was too young to enlist and of his heroic exploits serving our country. He was certainly an American hero. Both his own service to his country and the contribution of his children and grandchildren leave behind an enormous legacy that will be felt for many years to come. – Dr. Henry T. Blackaby

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