I will make you a great nation; I will bless you And make your name great; And you shall be a blessing.      Genesis 12:2

Big assignments require big characters. God will give you a responsibility in proportion to the size of your character. In Bible times, a person’s name represented his character; to know someone’s name was to know what the person was like. That’s why God changed the name of some when He transformed their character. For example, the Lord wanted to bless all the nations of the earth through Abram, yet Abram’s character was too weak for such a great task. God said He would make Abram’s name great so that He could make him a blessing to future generations. Then over the next twenty-five years, God developed Abraham’s character to match the name He had given him.

God sees your life from His eternal perspective. He will take whatever time is necessary to grow your character to match His assignment for you. If you have not received a divine commission lately, it may be that your character needs maturing. Are you impatient to begin your work before God has refined your character? A small character will fail in a large responsibility every time. Don’t be too hasty to get to the work. Character-building can be long and painful. It took twenty-five years before God entrusted Abraham with his first son and set in motion the establishment of the nation of Israel. Yet God was true to His word, and thousands of years later people continue to be blessed by the account of Abraham’s life and by his descendant, Jesus.

How is God building your character? Do you sense He has a task for you that will require a far greater man or woman than you presently are? Will you yield to God as He works in your life to prepare you for your next assignment?

  1. December 29

    Thank you for sharing God’s word to you!

  2. January 16

    Thankful that God is patient and works with us to grow our character so we are ready for the task he has for us. Lord, help me remember that you are waiting for me to grow so you can use me. Help me to not procrastinate in my studies of you.

  3. January 16

    Lord, use me, help me to be the man You want me to be… help me do Your will, now and forever more…

  4. January 16

    A Great word promise and word to look forward to as God builds my character. Thank you Lord!

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