For those who honor Me I will honor, and those who despise Me shall be lightly esteemed.      1 Samuel 2:30b

One of the many truths of the kingdom of God is that if we will honor God, He will honor us. If, however, we dare to treat Him disrespectfully, we will also be treated as least in His kingdom. The initiative rests with us. Our response to God determines His response to us.

Eli had been the priest of Israel for many years, and he knew the standards for righteous living that God required. Yet Eli faced a dilemma, for his sons were living in direct opposition to God. As their father, Eli had to decide whom he would honor. He could not defer to his immoral and ungodly sons and also exalt the God he served. By default, Eli chose to honor his sons, for he did not insist that their behavior conform to God’s standards. Eli would have pleaded that he still loved God but that he simply could not bring honor to God with his family. Yet God viewed Eli’s behavior differently (1 Sam. 3:13-14). Eli revealed his own heart when he failed to honor God before the people of Israel by the way he dealt with his sons. This is why God punished Eli and his sons severely (1 Sam. 4:17-18).

God is not pleased if you praise Him at church but not at your workplace. It is not acceptable for you to revere God when you are with other Christians but not in your school or neighborhood. He expects you to honor Him completely, with your words, with your actions, with your life. If you honor Him, He will honor you.

  1. June 13

    Thank you for sharing! Reading this reminded me of the importance of honoring God daily. In all that I do, putting God above my flesh. A lot of people struggle with dual identity but in order to see the glory of God we must honor him in all that we do. Reading this has encouraged me to continue to run the race and glorify my father in heaven with my life.

  2. July 24

    Thank you for this lesson!
    I know that my priorities sometimes reflects my laziness or unmindful works, putting my agenda before God. Help me Lord that my actions and priorities always are a reflection on You and not of this world.

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