Do all of my donations directly support Blackaby Ministries International?

Yes.  No matter the amount of your pledge, all the funds go directly to Blackaby Ministries International and are fully tax deductible.

Do I have to give monthly or can I give my yearly gift in one lump sum?

You can give your yearly contribution as a lump sum or break it down to monthly donations. You can choose during the donation process.

Can I have Blackaby Ministries International automatically debit my bank account or credit card each month?

Yes, we can automatically debit your credit card and/or bank account (EFT) each month.

Is there a minimum monthly donation for EFT/recurring credit card gifts?

No, your monthly gift of any size will help the BMI staff to

  • help people experience God,
  • help people and churches return to God and
  • help church, business and family leaders move people on to God’s agenda.

Can I change or discontinue my automatic giving after it has been established?

Yes, simply write or call us and then allow 10 days for us to process your request.

Can I choose a date for my donations to be deducted?

Whatever day you sign up to contribute will become the day of the month that your contribution is deducted. For instance, if you enter your card details on Jan 1, your deduction will always be within a few days of the 1st (allowing for weekends, holidays, etc).

How do I know my sensitive account information will be kept secure?

BMI values your partnership in seeing lives transformed by Experiencing God, and we consider it our responsibility before God to keep your confidential information protected. To honor this great responsibility, we work with our financial institution to ensure we meet or exceed industry security standards.

What about my personal information?

BMI values your privacy and never sells, rents, leases, or exchanges personal information—including names, addresses, and telephone numbers—with outside organizations.

Why is an automated giving program a good option?

In addition to saving you time and postage, automated gifts do not require hand processing, which saves BMI money and allows more of your gift to be used in ministry.

Do I have to give online?  I’m a little afraid of that.

No, if you prefer you can mail your contribution.  The system that we use and the network it is on is as secure as your online banking system is.  All parties involved with the donations rigorously watch their respective systems.  Your information is very secure.

If you prefer, the mailing address is:

Blackaby Ministries International
PO Box 1035
Jonesboro, GA 30237

If I’m sending in a check how should I make it out?

Please make checks payable to, “Blackaby Ministries International.”

Is my contribution tax-deductible and if so will I receive a giving statement?

Yes, your contributions are fully tax-deductible.  You will receive an email receipt detailing your donation for tax purposes.

Any other questions, please send an email to or call 770-603-2900.