About Fresh Encounter

Most of God’s people are aware that our world needs a deep touch from God. His renewed presence and power in His people is absolutely crucial. We must once again be “salt and light.” But my observation is that God’s people don’t know how to experience a fresh encounter with God.

Fresh Encounter is designed to help you better understand God’s prerequisites for revival and spiritual awakening. A spiritual awakening waits upon the repentance and revival of God’s people. Revival – God’s way – is a choice we must make!

Fresh Encounter Resources

Fresh Encounter Revised Member Book

This revised and expanded member book is designed to aid churches and individual believers to return to a faithful relationship with God and become catalysts for revival. (7 Sessions)

Fresh Encounter Revised DVD Leader Kit Guide

This revised leader’s kit he Member Book provides daily homework and group session discussion guides to lead participants in weekly gatherings. The Teaching DVDs provide 16-20 minutes of teaching for each group session from Henry and Richard Blackaby.

Fresh Encounter Revised Paperback

From the multi-million bestselling authors of Experiencing God comes Fresh Encounter, a book for church laypersons and leaders that illuminates God’s pattern and plan for personal revival and spiritual awakening. Greatly revised from the original 1996 edition with forty percent new material, Fresh Encounter looks to examples of revival throughout the Bible to better understand what it will take to bring about true and lasting spiritual renewal in the world today.