“But blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear.”      Matthew 13:16

When you became a Christian, God gave you spiritual sight and hearing so you could begin experiencing His presence and activity all around you. The Holy Spirit helps you to develop these spiritual senses as you walk with Him. Spiritual sensitivity to God is a gift that must be accepted and exercised. Scripture indicates that those who are spiritually dead cannot see or understand spiritual things (Matt. 13:14-15). Without spiritual eyes, you can be right in the midst of a mighty act of God and not recognize it.

There is a radical difference between seeing your surroundings from a human perspective and seeing life through spiritual eyes. Non-Christians will see world events around them and become confused. You will look at the same events, recognize the activity of God, and adjust your life to Him. When you meet a person who is seeking God, you will recognize the convicting work of the Holy Spirit and adjust your life to God’s activity (Rom. 3:11). Someone without spiritual perception will encounter that same person and not grasp the eternal significance of what is happening in that person’s life. Others will hear of new philosophies and trends in society and not know how to discern the truth. You will hear God’s voice over the din of the world’s voices, and you will keep your bearings in the midst of the confusing circumstances.

Sin dulls your senses, ultimately leaving you spiritually blind and deaf. Do not be content with merely seeing with physical eyes and hearing with natural ears but not sensing what God is doing. Ask God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to sensitize you to His activity all around you.

  1. March 2


  2. Yes, this is a revolutionary way of looking at things. We need to see with Spiritual eyes, and hear with Spiritual ears. For we worship GOD ❤️ in Spirit and in Truth.

    Yes, I want to develop an awareness of GOD’S presence, voice and activity all around me. I don’t want to miss these blessings, or GOD moving.

    We as believers need to be more sensitive to hearing GOD’S still quiet voice. We also need to desensitize ourselves from all the unnecessary
    distractions that are trying to keep us from the Spiritual things of GOD.

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