This weekend introduces a church to the Seven Realities that are explored in the study of Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God. These spiritual truths reveal how God works through His people to accomplish His purposes. This best-selling discipleship course by Henry T. Blackaby and Claude V. King has helped millions of believers learn to recognize God’s activity around them, adjust their lives to Him, and be ready to join Him where He is working.

We believe that the time is right for churches to emphasize again this comprehensive work – and ensure that all believers in a local church body understand how God reveals His divine plan and guiding hand. A video series and many additional resources are available to supplement the 13-week follow-up to the Experiencing God Weekend.

Your Church Experiencing God Together Weekend

This weekend event provides a catalyst for a church to study Experiencing God Together: God’s Plan to Touch Your World, the sequel to Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God.

Published in 2003, Experiencing God Together was chosen by the Evangelical Christian Publisher’s Association to receive the Gold Medallion Award for 2003 in the Christian ministry category. The authors, Henry T. Blackaby and Melvin D. Blackaby, share God’s plan for His Church to function as Christ’s Living Body, empowered by The Holy Spirit to accomplish God’s will and purpose. An interactive workbook and videos support the eight-week follow-up study which will challenge individuals to be “on mission with God” within a corporate body of believers.

Experiencing God Weekend

Experiencing God has been the life message of Dr. Henry Blackaby and the focus message of Blackaby Ministry International for many years. Since 1990, God has used this study to touch and change millions of lives and thousands of churches around the world. At the twentieth anniversary, more than seven million copies of the workbook had been distributed and it is now published in 50+ languages and has been used in almost every denomination. We are amazed that God, in His mercy and grace, would use such a modest work by ordinary people! He has chosen to grant His favor on His truth expressed through Experiencing God.

The Experiencing God Weekend focuses on the seven realities of Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God. The conference is designed to be utilized in one local church or in a regional setting of many churches and denominations.

We have been overwhelmed by the response to the truths shared in these conferences as lives have been radically changed. Thousands of churches, high schools, colleges, and seminaries have been greatly helped as God has used these truths to affect people around the world.

For more information on hosting an Experiencing God Weekend in your church or area, please contact Bob Payne by Email or call 678.200.2855.