ST. GEORGE, UTAH – Dr. Robert and Janice Adams’ familiarity with Experiencing God’s teachings began earlier than most. In 1976, the couple spent time in Saskatoon, Canada, while Robert Adams was on sabbatical from Colorado State University. For three months, they attended Faith Baptist Church where Henry Blackaby was serving as pastor.

“God used that experience to change the focus of our lives,” Janice Adams said.

When Experiencing God was released in 1990, the Adams were some of the first people to study the material and share it with others.

“I have led the study at least 30 times,” Janice Adams said. “God has used Experiencing God and the Blackaby family to impact us in so many ways. As we incorporated those seven realities into our lives, we were never the same again. The perspective God gave us through the years has made life an exciting adventure wherever we are and whatever we are going through.”

Last summer, Janice Adams led a group of teenage girls through the study at her church in St. George, Utah. Through that experience, she strongly sensed God telling her He wanted to work through her.

Then, in October 2020, Robert Adams was diagnosed with terminal mesothelioma. Doctors told him he had only a few weeks to a few months to live.

“I held on to that first reality that God is always at work around us, and He would show us where He is working so we could accept His invitation to join Him,” Janice Adams said. “Now He was sending us into a different mission field for a short time.”

That mission field included charter pilots, medical professionals at the hospital, and hospice care providers.

“Throughout this process, we saw God at work,” Janice said. “God continued to pursue a love relationship with us that is real and personal.”

She said God has shown her new dimensions of that love relationship through these challenging circumstances.

“People in our church kept asking if there was something they could do,” she said. “I always told them that we were fine for now. But 1 Corinthians 12:21 reads, ‘The eye cannot say to the hand, I don’t need you! And the head cannot say to the feet, I don’t need you.’ As God spoke to me, He pointed out that this verse describes exactly what I had been saying.”

She said she wanted to act on what God had told her, so she asked some church members to come visit and bring a word from scripture for her. She realized she needed to accept her church’s support.

Robert passed away on December 2, 2020. Members of the BMI team were honored to attend the funeral service in Utah.

“Bob Adams was one of the finest laymen I have ever known,” Henry Blackaby said. “He was always positive. Always helpful. Always prepared to make a positive difference. God used him and his wife, Janice, to bless Marilyn and me greatly and to strengthen the ministry of our church at a critical time.”

Despite the challenges and loss she has experienced in the past several months, Janice Adams has chosen to focus on God and His activity all around her.

“I have come to know God in a fresh way as I have obeyed Him in this journey,” she said. “I pray He is accomplishing His work in and through my life in this time.”

  1. January 14

    My love and prayers are with Janice and her family. Robert and Janice have spent their lives spreading God’s love to those around them. Janice takes every opportunity that God lays in front of her, to show that love to others.
    Praying she rest in God’s strength each day now that she walks without Robert there with her. Knowing Janice as I do, I am confident she will continue doing whatever God puts before her.

  2. January 14

    Thank you for sharing this God-filled testimony. Eternally happy for your visit last summer when I met both you and Bob. God’s timing is perfect, though I often wish this time together had been years ago!

  3. January 15

    Bob and Janice were the ones who first introduced us to Experiencing God very early on. We knew we needed to do it. They have been our friends for years and have been blessed by their ministry and encouragement. When we would get together Bob would tell us about his work with boys wherever they were living and Janice always had a women’s Bible Study. Bob and Janice have had an amazing ministry.

  4. January 16

    I too like the Adams was on of the first to use and teach the 1990 E. G. Material in my church. I have found that EG is the greatest discipline training material ever produced. Not only does it set the new believer on the best path to begin their walk with God but it totally redirects the older believers onto a greater walk with a more a more intimate relationship with their Loving Heavenly Father. I praise the LORD GOD for teaching Henry these powerful TRUTHS!!!

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