Please read the following testimony about how God uses the Experiencing God material:

Experiencing God…loving, seeing, joining God at work!  My life was too busy with my good works to give any thought to where God wanted me to be.  Thinking I was being a “good Christian” by using my spiritual gifts whenever possible, I was not conscious of God’s directions.  But in one dramatic revelation, Experiencing God changed my life’s focus, then began to transform it one step at a time.

First, I began praying with no agenda, and spent more time waiting to hear what He would say, while reflecting on one of my favorite verses, Psalm 46:10: Be still and know that I am God.  The first powerful words from Him, in an almost audible voice, were directives to revise a nursing home guide, which I had written almost ten years prior and had not thought about in some time.  He led me to rewrite it from a Christian perspective, working through me as He provided fresh insights.

He then brought new people and circumstances into my life, thus guiding me in recognizing where He was working.  For example, one day while riding an exercise bike in a sports therapy setting and talking with God, I confessed not seeing Him at work that given day.  (Of course, He was working.)  I looked up, and walking by the big glass windows was a little band of friends.  My heart smiled, but I didn’t think much about it until the band returned, passing by the windows once again.  Identifying one of the men, a special needs son of a church friend, I watched as the counselors led the group, some of whom were staggering but all smiling, around the building.  That’s it, thank you God!  Acknowledging Him at work, I called PEP, Programs for Exceptional People, to make an appointment to visit the center.  Subsequently, God encouraged me to write a short story, showcasing PEP as a volunteer opportunity for our community—not something that would have been initiated on my own.

The examples go on, but the basic change in my life is the change in my relationship with God.  Now giving all my thoughts to Him, I wait to see how He reveals His will in order to respond by joining Him in His work, instead of struggling on my own.  Experiencing God, written with remarkable clarity, has become one of the most significant published works in our library.

Thank you, Henry and Richard Blackaby, for faithfully illuminating God’s ways.


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