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The power of the Holy Spirit was evident as the people of Haiti experienced God in their lives September 2 and 3.  The team of Don and Lena Gibson of Texas Baptist Men and Lonnie and Belinda Riley of Lynch, KY joined HUG, Haiti Under God to teach the seven realities of Experiencing God, Knowing and Doing the Will of God. Over 650 enthusiastic men and women gathered at AFCA Baptist Church in Port au Prince, Haiti to learn how they could enrich their lives. The church was packed to capacity with the overflow acutely climbing a make-shift wooden ladder to access the unfinished balcony with did not have stairs.   For two days Don and Lonnie taught the truth and principles of Gods Word, sharing personal testimonies of their experiences of Gods activity in and through their lives.

Texas Baptist Men graciously printed, purchased and shipped 1,000 copies of the French version of Experiencing God to Haiti arriving on Labor Day, September 6.  Truly God is calling us to labor with Him to redeem a lost world for His kingdom.  Over 700 men and women mostly pastors are committed to begin this study in September completing it before the end of this year.

This all began in October 2010, when HUG introduced Experiencing God to a small group of pastors.  The study radically changed their lives and set their hearts on fire.  They were convicted and encouraged to know they could actually experience God’s activity in their lives.  This group became committed to spread the truths they had learned to the 10 Districts which covers all of Haiti.  In less than 9 months, 96 pastors and leaders, from many different cities and denominations, had completed the study and were actually experiencing God in their daily lives.

Their testimonies were powerful and compelling as they shared what God was doing in and through their lives. They knew what they had learned could change Haiti and have dedicated themselves to see this become a reality.

Don Gibson and Lonnie Riley have already committed to join HUG for two additional training retreats on March 8-14, 2012.  You are encouraged to help support this team or join us in Cap Haitian and Port au Prince. We invite you to become an active partner in what God is doing in Haiti.

The vision of the Haitian leadership focuses on a familiar chorus:

“How great is our God,

sing with me how great is our God,

all Haiti will see how great, how great is our God.”

How can I help?

Financial support:

  • Train three pastors $45
  • Train ten pastors $150
  • Train 50 pastors $750
  • Train 100 pastors $1500
  • Commit to prayer for Haiti
  • Provide a scholarship for someone to join the team in Haiti

To God be the glory!

HUG Haiti Under God

P O Box 1010

Walterboro, SC 29488

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