Joining God’s Activity in the Life of Carrie Blackaby Webb

A Word from Carrie Blackaby Webb

If you ever took the study Experiencing God, you will remember the opening story in Unit Three about my battle with cancer when I was sixteen years old. It was a difficult and terrible struggle through many appointments, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy that ended with God healing me of that disease. Through it all, His love was ever present! He was faithful during that journey and proved repeatedly that He would never leave or forsake me. For years when people met me, they’d smile and say, “You’re Unit Three!” Many people walked with me and my family during that time, and we kept the prayer cards and notes as a special blessing. God used my physical struggle to encourage others to grow their faith, which showed me that God can turn every situation around for His glory.

That experience was more than three decades ago! Recently, I discovered I have cancer again. This time I have breast cancer. The doctors believe it is probably the result of the aggressive radiation treatments they gave me as a teenager. Therefore, I will have extensive surgery and other treatments as needed.

We would appreciate prayer that God would provide for all our financial needs and that our children and others would witness first-hand what it looks like to trust God when circumstances seem impossible. We have partnered with Helping Hands of Georgia, a Christian-run organization, to help raise funds for my medical expenses and to provide a tax receipt for people’s gifts.

THANK YOU for taking a moment to hear my story! It means so much to my family and me that you would care to find out what is happening with me and walk through this next journey with us!


Carrie Blackaby Webb


Latest Update: January 31, 2024
Well, I finally made it home! I’m certainly in a very different situation that I thought I would be and trying to find my balance. We had no idea what we were getting into… I’m picking on some bigger things for prayer that are immediate. My kidneys were a serious problem last week and the main reason why I was in the hospital so long. Please pray that the fluid build-up goes away!! The swelling and paralysis is looking like a long-term issue. As I deal with speech therapists and people that might help pray that we can be a positive influence and that I will have patience with the difficulties ahead. Financially, we were not expecting a week in the hospital. Several have asked about food and we would be deeply appreciative for any help as Wendell does the lion share of everything around here! He’s a saint! We will continue to watch how God will receive glory for this, as I’m sure He has a plan. Hard to see right now with being hit from several fronts, but His love is real and unshakeable whether we feel it or not. Love is not a feeling, it’s a truth. Thank you for your love and support and I’ll update as I can. Much love from the Webb clan!

A Word from Henry Blackaby

The Lord blessed Marilyn and me with four boys and then He balanced them all out with one girl, our daughter Carrie! She has been a delight to us through these years. I told her story in my book Experiencing God. When she was sixteen, we discovered she had cancer. The Lord assured us that He loved our daughter and would use the cancer for His glory. He certainly did! That was more than thirty years ago. We recently learned that she has cancer once more. Again, we are praying that God will use this experience to touch many lives and bring glory to Himself.

It would mean so much to Marilyn and me if you would read Carrie’s story below. God’s people have always been so kind to our family. I am sincerely grateful to each one who chooses to walk with us during this time.

His Servant,

Henry T. Blackaby

How to Donate to Carrie Webb’s Medical Expenses

Please download this form to fill out if you would like to send a financial gift to offset the medical expenses: PDF Form

If you would like to make a donation by credit card please use this link and select ‘Carrie Webb’ in the ‘I want to support’ dropdown menu.

All gifts are tax deductible.

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