Cochrane, CANADA – Everything in Verna Verity’s world seemed to be unravelling in 2009 when her marriage fell apart.

Yet ever since accepting Christ as an eight-year-old girl in her grandparents’ farmhouse, Verity had a sense that God wanted her to be someone he could use. When she found herself in the worst storm she had ever weathered, she had to decide whether she still believed God had a plan for her.

“I thought my life was over, because that’s what happens in a divorce,” Verity said. “And then God brought this to my mind: ‘When you believe nothing significant can happen, you’re saying more about me than you are about yourself. It’s not about you. Stand back and watch me work.’ And that was huge in my life.”

In the years that followed, Verity saw how God could use even the most painful life circumstances for his glory.

As a child, Verity had been surrounded by positive godly influences both in her family and at her church. She maintained her relationship with the Lord as she grew up, earned a degree in science, married a childhood friend, and moved to a neighboring province.

After the couple’s first child was born, Verity devoted herself to homemaking while her husband established his career as a marriage and family therapist.

“We had all these adjustments happening, and I was out of sync in my relationship with Jesus,” Verity recalled. “I just hated it, because the Lord kept me so close with him all those years growing up.”

Verity recounted how on one particularly challenging day, she visited the local Christian bookstore and prayed for God to guide her to something that would set her back on the right path. That’s when she found Experiencing God.

“I bought it, and I couldn’t put it down,” Verity said. “The Lord totally reoriented me to a relationship with him that, as Henry Blackaby always said, was real and personal. The Holy Spirit was working.”

Verity and her husband became involved in youth ministry, went on family mission trips, and Verity even took a position on staff at the couple’s church.

But in 2009, everything crumbled when her husband told her he wanted out of their marriage.

“I was driving down the highway begging God to speak to me, and a radio program came on that was talking about going through hard stuff and how God uses it to shape

us,” Verity remembered. “I didn’t want to hear those words. But then I sensed the Lord saying to me, ‘Verna, you’ve always wanted me to use you, but do you have the character that’s required for me to answer your prayer?’ That just stopped me. I realized then what God was showing me through Experiencing God and through my circumstances. This wasn’t about me at all. This was just what the Holy Spirit chose to do through my life. And God did incredible things as I laid my life before him.”

As Verity moved through the challenging weeks and months that followed, God kept connecting her with people who were facing similar personal challenges. Verity soon discovered that her own painful experience gave her a unique vantage point from which to help other people whose marriage was in crisis.

“When I left my role at the church, I had a list of 102 people that God intersected my life with who were going through the same thing at our church,” Verity recalled. “102 people God allowed me to share my story with and really talk about being a person God can work through, even in difficult moments.”

Verity eventually moved on to new ministry positions. She spent some time working at a pregnancy care center counseling families in crisis. She worked for several years on staff at a different church. She now serves as the student life director at the Canadian Baptist Theological Seminary in Cochrane, Alberta. In each place God has taken her, Verity has used the principals of Experiencing God to help others see how God is working in the messy areas of life.

“My ministry is to help people make sense of their circumstances from the perspectives we learn in Experiencing God and then to really link arms with them. I often say, ‘God is still working even in the midst of all the stuff that looks confusing,’” Verity said. “For some reason, that’s just how God has chosen to work through me.”

Verity enrolled in BMI’s coaching program to equip her to have deep, Spirit-led conversations with those God brings alongside her. She is now a certified coach.

“God hasn’t made life easy,” Verity shared. “But all those years, the home I grew up in, the church community I grew up in, coming across Experiencing God—all that set the foundation for 2009 when my life fell apart. That was my Olympic moment. I’m so grateful for Experiencing God. If it wasn’t for what God was doing through Henry Blackaby and his ministry, I wouldn’t be here.”

  1. June 29

    Jeremiah is a very young man who was given a very big job, God told him to stop talking and just go do what He was telling him to do, God said be not afraid of them their faces for Iam with you to deliver you (Jeremiah 1:8)

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