Dear Friends of BMI,

My father Henry, brother Tom, and each of us at Blackaby Ministries International want to make you aware of exciting new material that will be released in May, 2013. Experiencing God at Home is a new set of resources that will help parents and children recognize God’s activity in their home. It takes the popular “seven realities” of Experiencing God and applies them to the home. Our father Henry notes: “in no place is it more crucial to recognize when God is at work than in your home. When God begins to work in the life of one of your children, you want to be prepared to respond immediately to join Him in His activity!”

This material has a book, as well as a workbook designed to help parents not only recognize God’s activity in their home, but also to help their children to join God’s activity around their lives as well. There is also a brand new book by Tom Blackaby along with Henry’s grandsons, Mike and Daniel, designed to help teenagers know God’s will for their lives. In addition, there is a beautifully designed children’s book series teaching children how to see God at work around them, as well as family devotional materials and a workbook for college students, helping them to make important decisions for their lives. If you would be so led, would you be willing to share our “Experiencing God at Home” webpage with others in your circle of family and friends? We believe this new material could have an enormous impact on families across North America in the coming days!

As friends of our ministry, your prayer support and partnership is valuable to us as we minister across the country and around the globe in the places God calls us to join Him. One of the specific ways you can partner with us as we release a new generation of materials designed for the home is to share your story of how God is at work around your life and home. The focus is “what God has done to impact my/our home and family with His presence and truth – how has He called me/our family to join Him in His work?”

We would like to compile a number of such “real life” experiences of God at work in the home and share those through our newsletters, websites and even in our conferences (of curse, that would be with your permission). Email your story to Kristen Camp at Thank you for considering this very practical way to partner with us and we are praying that God will move on your heart to write us with your personal accounts of His presence and power at work in and around your life.

BMI will also be conducting Experiencing God at Home workshops and conferences across the country and we hope to see you if we are in an area near you. In addition, if you would be interested in knowing more about hosting such a conference in your area, you can contact Rick Fisher at  to get those details.

Our desire is to see families being healed, encouraged, and used mightily by God because of the truths being taught in these new materials. Thank you for your prayers, your partnership and the stories of “Experiencing God at Home” that you will share with us!


Richard Blackaby

  1. April 6

    I am currently doing this study for my first time, i understand that i can access a video that goes with the material but don’t know how. The “code” on the back cover is
    2129WRYERPI can someone more knowledgeable and can bring it to barny level ( like my husband says ❓)

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