Blackaby Study Bible Fund 

In 2006, The Blackaby Study Bible was released. It was a great success and helped thousands of people experience God through His Word. Many of the teachings of the Blackabys were incorporated into the notes. The deepest need of the human heart is to encounter God. People need to move from an encounter with a principle or a doctrine to an experience with the living God, who is a Person. Meeting God is life-changing. Everyday encounters are part of His plan. The Blackaby Study Bible teaches people how to have daily encounters with God and encourages them to develop a regular habit of Bible reading and study, expecting great things to happen as God encounters us in His Word.

In recent years the publisher decided to no longer print this Bible. While many people continue to ask us for copies and we receive numerous inquiries regarding resuming publication, we have been unable to resume due to the initial costs of printing required by the publisher. Recently, a donor came to us and established a matching fund in order to assist BMI in getting to the print price of $48,000 for a minimum order of 2,000 leather-bound Bibles. We sensed that God was asking us to move on this as soon as possible in order to respond to the matching gift.

At this time, we are looking for donors to reach our portion ($24,000) by the end of the Summer in order to activate the matching funds and place an order. This will enable BMI to distribute this important message once more and also allow the ministry to gain some much-needed revenue from our sale of the Bibles.

Thank you for prayerfully considering a donation for this special project. If God leads you to join us in reprinting the Blackaby Study Bible, we would be humbled and blessed by your partnership. However God leads you in relation to the Bible project, we would be grateful for your prayers in these days as we continue to join God where He is at work in the United States and around the globe.

To donate please follow the link and write ‘Blackaby Study Bible Fund‘ as your donation designation. 


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