JONESBORO, Ga — In the early hours of February 10, 2024, at the age of 88, Dr. Henry Blackaby finished his earthly race and entered into eternity with his Lord.

Two weeks later, on February 25, 2024, hundreds of Henry Blackaby’s family and friends gathered at his long-time home church, FBC Jonesboro, to honor his memory. Hundreds more from around the world tuned into the livestream.

Thirteen of Blackaby’s 14 grandchildren and 8 of his 11 great-grandchildren were in attendance. Three grandchildren—Christa Moore, Matthew Blackaby, and Mike Blackaby—shared brief tributes.

“We have tried to follow Grandpa’s example of going where God calls you to go,” Mike Blackaby shared. “As each of my four kids, four of his great-grandchildren, took a rock from the beach and tossed it out into the water in honor of their great-grandfather, those rocks made ripples in the ocean. I realized that those little ones throwing the rocks are the ripples of his life. They are the fourth generation to feel his impact, and I believe they won’t be the last.”

All five of Henry and Marilynn Blackaby’s children also shared.

“Dad didn’t speak with complications,” remembered daughter Carrie Blackaby Webb. “He spoke with powerful, simple truth. We could all use more of that. . . . Dad, thank you for your heritage. We will do our best, all of us, to carry the torch.”

Richard Blackaby, Henry Blackaby’s oldest son, recalled a time when the host of an event where Henry Blackaby was to give the keynote address was agonizing over how to introduce the highly esteemed speaker. Henry Blackaby told him, “I want you to get up when it’s time to introduce me and say, ‘Here’s Henry Blackaby, a servant of God.’”

When the host asked what other achievements he should cite, Richard Blackaby said his dad simply responded, “After you call me a servant of God, what else is there to say?”

Following numerous family tributes and several clips from Henry Blackaby’s classic sermons, the FBCJ choir and orchestra performed a moving rendition of “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross” from Experiencing God: The Musical, which was released in 2000.

During his concluding comments, Mel Blackaby read a passage from John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress and then shared, “[Jesus] is the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through him. My question for you today is, do you know him? Are you prepared to cross that river?”

Watch the full service here:

  1. February 29

    I’ll never forget our Women’s Bible study on “Experiencing God” some years ago. It has made a difference in my life and in my walk with the Lord.

  2. March 1

    I will always treasure Henry Blackaby and his family. I served am internship in 1987 in Vancouver Canada and even then he was such a kind and compassionate mentor. He was always encouraging and caring and spoke to my heart so deeply as I was going through a difficult situation in my ministry life. He taught me so much about life and also church planting. Later through his training and leadership I was able to start a church and ministry because of his guidance. I have always used what he shared with me all these years—Find out what God is up to and join God in it!!! Thank you Henry!! Well done good and faithful servant!!

  3. March 9

    My condolences to all the Blackaby family. We who are left behind miss our loved ones and Henry was loved! I praise God for his influence in so many lives including my own. And I so appreciate the legacy he has created that lives on in the ministries of his children and his children’s children.

    Henry can rest in the Lord now until that beautiful resurrection day when he will awake from sleep and meet his Lord face to face.

  4. May 1

    Soy el Pastor Dilio Rincon, de la ciudad de Maracaibo, venezuela. Mi vida fue formada y levantada, en la gracia de Cristo por medio del discipulado mi experiencia con Dios, desde entonces siempre he seguido de cerca los escritos del Pastor Henry Blackaby, mi Biblia de estudio favorita es la Biblia de estudio mi expereiencia con Dios, la cual esta muy desgastada por el uso y siempre estuve pendiente de los nuevos escritos ya que son verdaderas perlas espirituales alimenticias para mi alma. Lamento mucho la partida de este gran Siervo de Dios, quien me enseño que la relacion intima de amor con Cristo es lo mas importante, la cual nos da la capacidad para ver obra a Dios y unirnos a él en su obra redentora. Mis mas sinceras palabras de Condolencias a la familia Blackaby rogando a Dios les mucha fortaleza pero que tambien sigan el legado dejado por este siervo de Dios que permitio en una forma muy real, Dios mostrar su gloria por medio de su vida. A Dios sea la gloria y doy gracias por darnos ejemplo por medio de este testigo de Cristo. En verdad que voy a extrañar mucho sus nuevos escritos. Dios bendiga grandemente a toda la familia Blackaby.

  5. May 26

    A few friends and I did a group study of ‘Experiencing God’ last year. It was truly remarkable and life changing. The complete dedication by men of God like Blackaby is thoroughly inspiring, demonstrating that the sanctified and sacrificed life is not only possible but also most desirable above all else.

    Frankly, watching this memorial service has moved my heart, even so much more than the book did. I will be picking up ‘Experiencing God’ again. I also look forward to finding reading other books by Blackaby.

    Glory to God in the highest for his servant and the legacy he left. I look forward to meeting Blackaby on the other side of eternity.

  6. June 5

    In the summer of 1970 I was the first SBC student summer missionary sent to help teach VBS’s with Henry Blackaby in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. In those 10 weeks we conducted 26 children’s VBS and youth night VBS week long events. One week traveling in the wee early mornings to the city community center in Prince Albert to set up and conduct two separate 5-day schools and then travel home to have youth nights in another location. I was so moved by Henry’s love for the residents of those cities and his calm, charming demeanor. One day he and I were invited to lunch at a sweet widow lady’s small kitchen table to have head cheese sandwiches. I had lived in Southern California (15 miles from his former church) all my 20 years without having had such a sandwich. He looked at me and I knew I would be happily eating this new cuisine with a mirrored smile on my face as he showed me gracious thankfulness even when eating, at least for me, a new food prepared by tender hands. I also remember not being able to get iced tea at a diner the VBS volunteer team visited in Prince Albert and he explained the love of hot tea in his beloved Canada. I had loved mission work all during my childhood and youth at my home church’s mission classes and thoroughly placed his face and his family’s endeavor as my example of giving it all to the Lord. Little did I know how remarkable their influence would be and how famous he would become through his book Experiencing God Bible study books which I poured over in study later as a pastor’s wife in our small church in Southern California. Henry was truly a servant of God. I only met Marilyn once in all those weeks in their gracious home. I believe their beloved little girl would be making her presence known later and with 4 boys, she needed rest and time to make their new house a home. I will forever hold Henry and his family in highest esteem with a grateful heart.

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