But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs.      Matthew 24:8 (NASB)

When will Christ return? This question has been pondered much through the generations. The imminence of His coming provides the backdrop for everything the Christian does. Christ has not revealed exactly when He will come, but He has told us signs to watch for. The time of His coming is unclear; the fact of His coming is certain.

Jesus said that certain events would signal the nearness of His coming: There will be wars and rumors of wars; there will be famines and earthquakes; Christians will suffer persecution for the sake of Christ; false prophets will come and teach heresy, leading many astray; lawlessness will abound as people do what is right in their own eyes; the authorities will be unable to control crime. Because of lawlessness, people will become cynical and fearful, and their love for others will grow cold (Matt. 24:6-12).

Jesus said that the signs of the end times will be like birth pangs. The pain of childbirth increases in frequency, and it increases in intensity. Jesus said that the presence of war or famine or false teachers does not mean that His coming is upon us. These things, He said, are merely the beginning. He said that the frequency of wars, earthquakes, and crime will increase until finally Christ’s return brings everything to a finish. The intensity of wars and famines and other human crises will also escalate.

Our day has seen everything Jesus spoke of reach unprecedented proportions. If there were ever a time Christians should be alert to Jesus’ coming, it is today.

  1. November 29

    I agree. It’s been to long, we as Gods children have not been about His business. These being dark days indeed we must not delay, but we must shine bright and by His Spirit He will draw people to Hinsrlf. God give us boldness, with words that can not be refuted. With His love , seasoned with His grace.

  2. November 29

    If all you focus on is the television or internet, it may seem that way and I honestly believe they want you to think this way. Look around you…decent people are still reaching out to each other, being kind to each other…there is no world famine, a third of the world is not on fire or scorched earth; there is static poverty. Most of us can still go about our day with no crime affecting us. While we may be having early birth pangs, and we should be prepared….in actually, I do not believe we are there yet…and people have been saying this for hundreds of years. We need to stop focusing on when and win souls…rejoice in the love of Christ, because it’s having an effect. Be encouraged. Spread the good news.

  3. November 29

    Amen , Christians need to stay alert and utilize our resources to further God’s kingdom. Be faithful. Start from our own circle first ( friends , familles, colleagues etc ). Even with a little light, God can use it to shine through the darkness places.

    Don’t waste time and be discouraged. There are so much to do and places to reach.

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