I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.      John 15:5

There are those who feel that they must be constantly laboring for the Lord in order to meet God’s high standards. Jesus gave a clear picture of what our relationship to Him ought to be like. He is the vine, the source of our life. We are the branches, the place where fruit is produced. As we receive life from Christ, the natural, inevitable result is that fruit is produced in our lives.

In our zeal to produce “results” for our Lord, we sometimes become so intent on fruit production that we neglect abiding in Christ. We may feel that “abiding” is not as productive or that it takes too much time away from our fruit production. Yet Jesus said that it is not our activity that produces fruit, it is our relationship with Him.

Jesus gave an important warning to His disciples. He cautioned that if they ever attempted to live their Christian life apart from an intimate relationship with Him, they would discover that they ceased to produce any significant results. They might exert great effort for the kingdom of God, yet when they stopped to account for their lives, they would find only barrenness. One of the most dramatic acts Jesus ever performed was cursing a fig tree that had failed to produce fruit (Mark 11:14). Are you comfortable in abiding, or are you impatient to be engaged in activity? If you will remain steadfastly in fellowship with Jesus, a great harvest will be the natural by-product.

  1. April 25

    I was just praying about this… my relationship with my Lord and Savior…and then I opened this devotional… it is His way, I believe, for me to focus and be intentional in my personal relationship with Jesus, my Lord and Savior! Thank You Jesus!!! 🙏🏻

  2. April 25

    Many times I have grown weary of waiting only to find that my zeal was misplaced. Now as a Grandfather I see the value of marching in cadence to allow the young ones and elders to continue at the pace of the leader. Discipleship is caught by the taught.

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