by Rod and Jeanne Brouwer

Praise the Lord!!! I thank God many times over for you and how He has used you in so many different ways for His Kingdom. May He continue to bless you and your family!!!

Thank you also for letting God speak through you about the Samaritan woman at the well. You may remember my wife was at the Newton Prison that Saturday when you spoke to the men at IFI. I know the Lord spoke to her heart. The very next day our Pastor gave a message on A.B. Simpson and how he started Christian Missionary Alliance Churches and how God used him to build the church. He talked about people wanting to give their hearts to the Lord and be used by Him wherever He would lead them. We both went to the altar and God broke me with uncontrollable crying. We are convinced He has big plans for us.

We needed to hear these messages from the Lord that you gave to help purify our hearts and become totally obedient for the Lord!!! Thank you for coming and sharing. I cannot even imagine how busy you are, but to take time to come to Iowa, well we were blessed to say the least!!!

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