“Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”      Mark 14:38

At times your spirit must demand supremacy over your flesh. Your spirit will know what your Lord wants you to do, but your flesh will cry out for its own fulfillment. There are times when sleep must be denied, even when you are exhausted, because it would be disastrous for you to rest at such a time. When the Lord commands you to “watch and pray,” it is crucial that you obey.

As Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, He knew that the pinnacle of His ministry was quickly approaching. He was aware that the legions of hell were marshaling their forces to defeat Him. If there were ever a critical time for His closest friends to be undergirding Him in prayer, this was it. Jesus told them that He was deeply distressed, even to the point of death. Surely they could have sensed the intensity in His voice and the urgency of His demeanor, and surely they could have found the strength to obey His request. Yet He found them asleep. No excuses. They had fallen asleep at the most pivotal moment in human history, not once but three times!

Jesus asks you to join Him in what He is doing. He may ask you to watch and pray for an hour. You may have to deny your physical needs and desires in order to pray with Him. You may have to leave the comfort of your bed or your home. You may even have to sacrifice your safety in order to be where Jesus is. Seek to bring every physical desire under the control of the Holy Spirit so that nothing will impede your accomplishing what Jesus asks of you.

  1. March 25

    I thank the lord that he has guided me and controlled me through the last few months at times it was very difficult but with alot of prayer I was able to endure the storm. We need to be vigilant in our prayers and devotion to the lord.

  2. April 22

    Yes, I will seek to bring every physical desire under the control of the Holy Spirit, so that nothing will hinder me in accomplishing what JESUS asks of me.

    I will focus more on my Spiritual nature, than on my physical nature.

    Yes, my Spirit is willing, but my flesh is weak.

    From now on, I will try to let the Spirit do the driving, and the flesh take the back seat.

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