In this episode Richard speaks with Kevin Beers in a great conversation ranging from his cooperative approach to sermon prep at Revive Wesleyan Church to his role as chaplain of the Buffalo Sabres.

In part 3 of our series on how Jesus makes disciples we discover that our plans often fall short God’s purposes.

In part 2 of our series on how Jesus makes disciples we look at the way he sent them out on their first training mission and what lessons we can take away.

There’s a fascinating account in Judges chapter six in which an angel visits Gideon on his farm. The divine messenger hails the young man, saying, “The Lord is with you valiant warrior!” (Judg. 6:12). Gideon responds, “Please, my lord, if the Lord is with us, why has all this happened? And where are all his…

This episode is part 1 in a new series looking at Jesus’ example of disciple making. What does His example mean for the way we relate to him and how does that shape the way we make disciples.

With nearly a whole new year ahead of us, Richard shares one area that we should focus on in the new year.

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