In this episode Richard processes some of the lessons learned on a recent trip to Canada where almost nothing went according to plan. 

In this episode Richard shares from his library the books he has enjoyed in the last year and some that he is looking forward to reading in the new year.

Most leaders, regardless of how talented, will eventually face an issue that challenges them to their core. It’s inevitable. Being courted by organizations can be delightful. The “honeymoon” period after obtaining a new position may stoke leaders’ egos. Hosting Christmas parties and conducting routine staff meetings might enhance a leader’s self-esteem. But dealing with problems…

In this episode Richard shares some of the leadership trends that he has noticed in his travels and meeting with leaders from various industries.

At the start of each new year it’s always a good idea to review what you’re living for. In this episode Richard and Sam explore what it means to live on purpose.

In this special podcast we share the first episode of a new podcast from Blackaby Ministries called ‘Experiencing God Day by Day Podcast’. It is a short daily podcast where Richard Blackaby reads the day’s devotional from the best-selling book, Experiencing God Day by Day. You can subscribe to this podcast wherever you listen. We hope it is a blessing to you.

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