Leadership inevitably involves relating to people. Great leaders have great people skills. In this episode, Richard and Sam discuss some tangible ways leaders can improve their interactions with others.

People who are successful at business are not always as successful at home. Unfortunately, many young people today are abandoning the Christian faith in droves. In this episode, Richard and Sam discuss some practical ways leaders can leave a godly legacy for their families.

What are you willing to do to go deeper with God? You can’t give to others what you don’t have yourself. You can’t give people spiritual steak if you’re still subsisting on spiritual milk. In this episode, Richard and Sam discuss practical ways leaders can experience more of God than ever before.

barbed wire

CHOWCHILLA, Calif. – Diane Mercado said she doesn’t see herself as fitting the typical ministry mold. She refers to herself as “clunky.” She claims that had it not been for her dramatic conversion to Christianity when she was 22, she may have ended up in prison. So, not surprisingly, rather than ministering at women’s teas…

Who am I really? We are on a lifelong quest to answer this important question. In this book club episode, Richard and Sam discuss “The Gift of Being Yourself” by David G. Benner, a psychologist and spiritual life coach.


My dad has a book coming out this month: The Solomon Promise: The Key to Healing America and Ourselves. It is not entirely new. It is based on an earlier book he wrote called Holiness: God’s Plan for Fulness of Life. That book originated from three powerful sermons he preached when he was in his…

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