Perseverance and grit are usually a good thing. But knowing when to let something go can be hard for those who don’t like to quit. In this episode, Richard shares some insights into knowing when to let go of attachments. 

Merry Christmas! In this episode special Christmas episode, Richard talks about the unexpected Jesus.

2020 will be a year for the record books. Many things caught people by surprise. Some aspects of the year were truly alarming. For people sensitive to eschatological issues, it provided a goldmine of signs, prophetic allusions, and apocalyptic scenarios. If you are concerned with the state of the nation and wonder what God is…

In this episode, Richard shares some quick thoughts on a wide variety of leadership topics.

The longer leaders neglect problems, the harder they are to remedy. In this episode, Richard and Sam discuss how leaders should respond to wake-up calls.

Leadership is a juggling act the requires frequent adjustments. In this episode, Richard talks faith and leadership with Lisa Nichols, CEO and co-founder of Technology Partners, a Women Business Enterprise and provider of premier IT staffing solutions and software.

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